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    Super Wood: Transforming natural wood into high-performance material

    I was looking through the June 2018 edition of EAA/Sport Aviation and read an article titled “Super Wood: Transforming natural wood into high-performance material.” Researchers at the University of Maryland (UMD) have created a process called “Densification” that apparently can “engineer wood...
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    Commercial flying - has anyone else noticed this?

    I just got back from a vacation in Michigan. I've been noticing this in the past but even more so on my return flight - it seems like many people close the window shade for most if not all of the flight. On my return flight, the window shade across the isle was lowered while taxing out for...
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    Raymer "Simplified Aircraft Design for Homebuilders" question

    Hi All, I'm working with the spreadsheet that comes with the Raymer "Simplified Aircraft Design for Homebuilders" book. On the "As-Drawn Performance" tab, cell D6 is Engine Power and it's initially linked to the value entered on the "Initial Sizing Inputs" tab On the As-Drawn Performance tab...
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    Solidworks EAA Maker Edition

    In the Aug issue of SportAviation/Experimenter, there is an article on 3-D Modeling Software. The article mentions that a version of Solidworks - "EAA Maker Edition" will be available to EAA members. The webpage link - EAA Sport Aviation Magazine | EAA - under the "This Months Extras" is not...
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    User name change

    Hi, I tried using the "Contact Us" button on the bottom of the web page but the graphic in the "Human Verification" was not displayed. Is it possible to change my forum user name? If so, how do I make the change. Thanks, Mike
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    Aerofex Hover Vehicle

    I just saw this in an AOPA aviation ebrief - I think I'll be needing one of these! Mike Aerofex Hover Vehicle recalls Star Wars bike - YouTube
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    Flapping robotic birdplane

    Here is a video about a flapping robotic birdplane that can glide/land on your hand. It’s great to see technology pushed forward… not sure if this will ever scale up to full size… but still pretty cool. Mike Flapping robotic birdplane lands right on your hand | KurzweilAI
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    Wow - Talk about a nice find!

    Lost Squadron Of Pickled Spitfires Found Lost Squadron Of Pickled Spitfires Found
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    NASA Claims Supersonic Breakthrough For Biz Jets

    Not necessarily applicable to member’s projects here but it’s always exciting to see technology move forward! NASA Claims Supersonic Breakthrough For Biz Jets | AVIATION WEEK Mike
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    Free Engineering related educational resources

    I came across these references in Desktop Engineering magazine - Free video lectures,Free Animations, Free Lecture Notes, Free Online Tests, Free Lecture Presentations Massachusetts Institute of Technology OpenCourseware - Free Online Course Materials | MIT OpenCourseWare Both sites have a...
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    Stanford Aerospace Engineers Debut Open-Source Fluid Dynamics Software

    Hi All, I found this article reference in my e-mail this morning… it looks like Stanford University has just released an Open Source CFD software package. I did a quick scan… looks interesting and “some assembly required.” I hope to look at it more closely this weekend but not sure if it will...
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    Grabcad 3d models

    I was checking out the Grabcad ( website over the weekend... lots of free CAD models in various formats posted by users. Sometimes it helps to look at other peoples models to see how they build parts, surfaces etc. Registration is free. Mike