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    Two cylinder gear-less twin aircraft

    Electric propulsion of cars have made electric motors and generators very light,efficient and reliable in no time. Batteries have not improved orders of magnitude since WW1 submarines. Let try if a single prop/electric motor driven by two single cylinder enginerators can be as reliable / low...
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    Side-valved Two strokes for angels.

    Two stroke engines without valves are dying fast. Two strokes with exhaust valves sell very well for ships. It is great fun for an old man to see if exhaust-valved two strokes can be useful in aircrafts. I made a PPL forty years ago and cancelled it when money went low 36 years ago. It was...
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    Hello from Denmark

    I am an 74 year old male and former PPL holder, that dream of better aircraft engines. Lower mass,less fuel and very low vibrations. No ,it is not a fuel cell but a side-valved gasoline two-stroke.