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    For Sale RV-10 Kit (partial) for sale Wing and tail kits

    Hello HBA folks, I have been posting in the alternate engines forum for some time. I need to raise some money so I can complete one of my projects before continuing or starting another. So I have a the start of an RV-10 for sale if someone wants to get started for less. I have the tail rear...
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    What truly makes an engine suitable for aircraft use?

    HBA Group, I have seen some folks on the HBA site post questionable comments about Mazda based rotary (Wankel) engines. I am posting a "food for thought" write up I did when I did a program for the Livermore EAA chapter 663 a few months ago. I also showed them the prototype reduction drive which...
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    Egnine PSRU package that is running NOW and well

    This is the last post of a thread I started on a PSRU, (in the PSRU category), we designed and works well, and safely. This peripheral ported engine is running what we consider "small" ports and has intake tubes to fit within the cowl on an RV-3. We designed and built a custom muffler that works...
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    New to HBA but not to home building

    Greetings HBA! I'm a mechanical engineer and have been an extreme gearhead since I knew what a gear was! I have worked on home building projects from as far back as the BD-5 when I was a kid to my current project an RV-10. I am involved in a major alternate engine project centered on the Mazda...
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    How many people are interested in a GOOD safe psru for the rotary?

    I'm working with a tested psru that is designed for the rotary. Tested for torsional vibration. All orders out of the RPM range for normal operation. (2 rotor) It works and we can prove it. The problem is how much to invest in building it? How many takers are there for a $4000 psru? For a $3000...