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  1. bebedriver

    The Lightest Electric Starter for Rotax 2 strokes - M5 Aviation Products

    I designed the original M4 Starter back in 1993, quite a few are still operating just fine but I do provide a repair service for them as well as manufacturing the new M5 Starter which is a natural progression from the M4, using modern manufacturing techniques and bearings etc. This starter...
  2. bebedriver

    The Lightest Starter for Rotax 2-Strokes

    Here's a couple of photos of the M5 Starter, 6 3/4 lbs, takes up no more room than the recoil start. This one's going on a 503 engined Minimax 1600R.
  3. bebedriver

    Minimax engine swap 503 for 447

    As part of a general sort out of my Minimax 91 (UK version of 1600R). I'm fitting a 503DCDI. Here's the story so far... So, the issues arising from this are as follows: 1. Its bigger! Not a lot but it is. Annoyingly the 4 mounting studs (8mm dia) are 8mm further apart than on the 447. In...
  4. bebedriver

    New member from the UK

    Hi Guys, I'm based in the UK, currently making changes to my Minimax 1600R - differential disc brakes, Rotax 503 with M5 Electric Starter, extra fuel tank and tidy up.