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  1. stuart fields

    ZEFTRONICS problems

    I placed an order with Zeftronics in Dec of 2018. Expected shipping delay was listed as 7 days ARO. Not only haven't I not received my item, but communications with them has been very difficult often getting promises that are not kept. Anyone else having these problems?
  2. stuart fields

    Bob Nuckolls' "AeroElectric Connection"

    Having difficulty finding a 28vDC voltage regulator that also provides reverse current protection for a 60A starter generator. Any ideas? I placed and order with Zeftronics but haven't been able to receive a regulator or any communication about the order other than an order # with a ship date...
  3. stuart fields

    Low Flight

    Back in 1965, I was working for the Navy and one project was "Nap of the Earth" flying. They had a TF10B? jet with s/s seating with the nose mounted radar connected to the autopilot. Worked pretty good until they came over a hill and nosed over toward a lake. The radar didn't get a good...
  4. stuart fields

    You know you're an engineer when...

    Most of the roads I drove on were 1.25 lanes wide. Passing down the middle with traffic going both ways if all were bicycles would have been a real thrill.
  5. stuart fields

    Pentecost Hoppi-Copter

    I was there. With all of the crowd watching. IIIRC, There was a piece of one of the blades found quite a distance away just in front of an expensive motor home. People at these fly-ins don't realize just how much energy is wrapped up in a helicopter whose blades are up to speed. I heard...
  6. stuart fields

    You know you're an engineer when...

    After flying non stop from LA to London, I rented a car and proceeded to just scare the hell out of my passenger while I tried to adopt to the left hand shifter (Alway get an automatic transmission). After hot lapping several times the very first traffic circle I had ever seen, I was advised to...
  7. stuart fields

    Low Flight

    I've got to share one I wrote a few years back. It appeared in the Experimental Helo magazine. Stu Oh, I’ve lifted to a hover in a gusty blowing wind. I’ve chased the tail in circles with a tightly teeth clinched grin. I’ve done my hovering autos and wondered as I rode,
 Why the helo is so...
  8. stuart fields

    Crashes in the News - Thread

    Can you apply this reasoning to firearms and vehicles and make Colt responsible for results of illegal use of a pistol? Or Ford for the results of a drunk or incompetent driver? Ford could include some competency test required to pass before ignition could occur. How about the water supplier...
  9. stuart fields

    Sharing builders Experiences

    Back in my Scorpion helicopter days, I had to fabricate a similar bracket from 0.125 4130 steel. I made up a 12" brake from 1/4" thick steel angle and was able to do the job. Super precision wasn't needed though. I still have that brake.
  10. stuart fields

    Brutality Today

    It always bothers me to see an aircraft design where the focus is on minimizing the cost. I've seen at least one kit where good engineering practices came in second to costs. I hope they don't fly over my house.
  11. stuart fields

    Crashes in the News - Thread

    In 1968 I was involved in the computer simulation of a trajectory of a Vertical seeking ejection seat. An exploratory example of that seat was fired from an aircraft fuselage inverted and suspended above the ground. The seat completed the ejection without hitting the ground, zoomed...
  12. stuart fields

    Crashes in the News - Thread

    I haven't learned to use the Smiley's yet. Is that memo based on a broad understanding of the sophistication of the members? Hows this?:ban:
  13. stuart fields

    Welding thin aluminum

    Thanks for the note. Yeah I got the job done to the point of pressure checking and eliminating the few pin holes. I agree wholeheartedly. If your torch position is not supported and comfortable and have some support for your rod hand also it is going to be more difficult to get a consistent...
  14. stuart fields

    Wheel fairings

    I was busy building wheel fairings for the ground handling wheels for my helicopter when my wife said: WHAT???? She does my condition inspections also. No clean underwear gets a big GIG. OOOPS wrong forum.
  15. stuart fields

    Crashes in the News - Thread

    If that airliner video is accurate and it survived that maneuver, I know the name of the pilot: Bob Hoover.
  16. stuart fields

    Crashes in the News - Thread

    I figured out what caused the engine failure. According to the news report some 90 gal of Jet Fuel had to be mopped up. Wrong fuel for SNJ-5 aircraft....Boy news reporters need a very broad educational background. After my crash, a reporter asked me: "How high were you when you crashed"...
  17. stuart fields

    Chapter 9 from my book.

    When I was 16 I was working with a doodle bug outfit. They would drill holes around 100', we would string out what amounted to a series of accelerometers, set a off a charge down in the hole and measure the reflected vibrations to get a map of the underlying strata. Once, having nothing else...
  18. stuart fields

    If I had my way there would be a law

    Pops: I got a ride in a T-38 and got to fly it @ mach 1.3. Also got a 7G split S. Get a catheter and a bag. Tie the bag down well. Flying that bird was FUN!!! Yeah the fuel cost will be another thing.
  19. stuart fields

    Welding thin aluminum

    Boy does all that ring bells. I found that I had to focus the arc on the thick flanges of the threaded fittings and allow the heat of the puddle to furnish the heat for the thin metal. With a bit (I don't recall the hours) of practice, I found welding the fittings in much easier than the butt...