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  1. stuart fields

    ZEFTRONICS problems

    I placed an order with Zeftronics in Dec of 2018. Expected shipping delay was listed as 7 days ARO. Not only haven't I not received my item, but communications with them has been very difficult often getting promises that are not kept. Anyone else having these problems?
  2. stuart fields

    Philslot screws

    Why do nearly all terminal strips come with "Philslot" screws? Is there some kind of screw starter that can hold these screws to enable connecting wires? One of the very few times I want a slotted screw is in the terminal strips. I have screw starters that can easily grab the screw and enable...
  3. stuart fields

    rt angle drill ¼-28 thd

    I had a good pneumatic rt. angle drill that somehow went on walkabout. I need to replace it. What are the brands to avoid and what are the best? What rpm is the overall best? Thanks to the experts
  4. stuart fields

    cleaners for aluminum

    In the process of doing research on fatigue and anodizing, I found the attached chart that reflects fatigue life as affected by different processes and cleaners:
  5. stuart fields

    Harbor Freight Heads up

    I purchased a Central Pneumatic model 40211 compressor dryer. $370. Recently the drain valve failed and the dryer leaked all the compressed air from the drain. I attempted to get parts from Harbor Freight and was initially told they didn't support the parts for that machine. Even thought they...
  6. stuart fields

    Welding thin aluminum

    I decided to post my progress in welding 0.032" 5003 aluminum. I don't have a video, just audio and the audio is not really releasable to a mixed audience, so I'll try to just write it up. Start: SS wire brush weld area, clean off with "Acetone", Turn gas on, turn helmet on, verify helmet set...
  7. stuart fields

    structural adhesives

    Has anyone used 3M VHB adhesive tape or LOCTITE EA 9309.3NA AERO adhesive to attach aluminum panels in lieu of screws and rivets? I need to produce an attachment bracket to an existing fuel tank and do not want to weld, screw or rivet in to the existing tank. I do have a test case set up to...
  8. stuart fields

    C18 upside down

    The JT300 has a T63-A-700 Allison engine installed upside down. One reason for this installation was to enable relatively easy alignment of the tail rotor drive with the aft end of the free wheeling unit. However, there is a problem created here. The oil drain on the sprag unit is now on top...
  9. stuart fields

    Bearing vibration spectrum

    I mounted accelerometers on the zerc fitting holes on bearings on my tail rotor drive shaft. I got some interesting vibration spectrum data but then the question arose: How do I read this? If I have an outer race with a defect how does it show on the spectrum? Also what frequency will bad...
  10. stuart fields


    Here is a NASA video on flutter that is very interesting. Poorly designed rotor blades with the c.g being too far aft are potential flutterers. Look also at the propeller-shaft flutter demonstrations. There are critical speeds for all rotating shafts that need to be avoided by a safe margin...
  11. stuart fields

    2/rev vibrations

    What causes the 2/rev vibrations in a two bladed helicopter? Is it predominantly lateral or is it vertical also? Stu Fields
  12. stuart fields

    Rotorcraft Safety

    Always remember to never fly higher than one scream above the ground.