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  1. Dusan

    Power to weight ratio of fuel cells

    A lot of people are talking about hydrogen fuel cells for aircraft in order to get over the low specific energy of current batteries, but during my research I've discovered the fuel cell stacks are relatively heavy for the power they can deliver. The best numbers I found for specific power are...
  2. Dusan

    Personal Flight Association

    Me and others are creating "Personal Flight Association", dedicated to enhancing the understanding of personal flight technology. It is a non-profit education and technical organization. It is a forum for interchange of information on personal flight technology. I've just put the website up...
  3. Dusan

    GoFly Phase I winner anounced

    The GoFly phase I winners were announced today:
  4. Dusan

    Ultralight helicopter or powered lift aircraft ultralight (no) certification

    How do ultralight helicopters cope with the FAA part 103 25knots stall speed rule? I want to build a "powered lift" aircraft and hope to get away with no certification under ultralight rules.
  5. Dusan

    Ducted fan counter torque

    I'm opening a discussion on the figure of merit on the following configurations: 1. Ducted counter-rotating coaxial propellers; 2. Ducted single propeller and counter torque stator vanes; As far as I know a single propeller is more efficient than coaxial propellers ( in textbooks coaxial props...
  6. Dusan

    Aliptera - single lip wing concept aircraft video

    After much struggle, the Aliptera single lip wing VTOL concept aircraft is complete enough, here is a video of it Details on the design and other concept aircraft see here
  7. Dusan

    Lip Wing - Lift at zero speed

    I have an idea about how to create a device that generates a lot of lift for vertical takeoff and landing, hover efficiently and also having less drag than current employed methods in forward flying mode. I made some experiments to validate the idea and the results made me to believe that the...