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  1. Will Aldridge

    Optimizing fairings for local airflow

    In another thread Pops mentioned that he faired the gear legs and cabane on one of his aircraft but did not realize any speed increase. I've been thinking about this for awhile and wondering why that might be. I'm hoping one of you with a flying aircraft might be willing to test my hypothesis...
  2. Will Aldridge

    Compression member location?

    I've been comparing Avid/kitfox (tube spar) wings with SuperCub wings (extruded aluminum I-beam) and have a question, hopefully I won't get roasted too bad for asking. I noticed that kitfox wings don't use compression members. My assumption is that is due to the tube spars being strong enough in...
  3. Will Aldridge

    Looking for Carlson spar fittings

    I'm designing a new set of wings for my kitfox using carlson aluminum extruded spars and am researching the fittings for both fuselage and lift strut attachment. All I've found so far are a few pics of the fuselage attach fittings, but I don't even know what type of aircraft they're for. And...
  4. Will Aldridge

    Which is better?

    I have cub style cabane gear on my kitfox and right now the gear legs are not faired. There are 2 basic ways that I've seen to go about this. 1. And the most common is to make a tapered piece for the aft tube and wrap the whole thing in fabric. Another variation that I've seen is make a true...
  5. Will Aldridge

    Custom made AN hardware?

    hey guys, I've designed a completely new flaperon mixer system for my plane and need a custom bolt. Basically threaded on each end with a right hand thread on one end and a left hand thread on the other, like this: It will be the same application, a female rod end bearing on each end. 3/16"...
  6. Will Aldridge

    Interesting Autogyro

    Found these sitting in a equipment lot in an industrial park I remember one of my former employers talking about watching these betting tested when he was building hangar next to the airstrip they were being tested on. He said he saw them flip over a couple of times and the test pilot/builder...
  7. Will Aldridge

    Compass requirements?

    I was just trying to figure out what the compass requirements are now? Certain aircraft are equipped with "magnetic course indicators" as opposed to magnetic compasses. In simple language the glass panel aircraft have a magnetometer to provide that data to the system. If your aircraft is...
  8. Will Aldridge

    Launching Squirrels

    This gave me a good laugh, and as the title says some squirrels were launched with an analysis of the physics involved which makes it flight related right?
  9. Will Aldridge

    Cindy the DragonFox (Highly Modified Kitfox model 1)

    A few years ago I got caught up in the Trent Palmer/Kitfox craze and just had to have one. About a year and a half ago the stars aligned and I was able to buy one. I went in unprepared and although the seller assured me it was airworthy it wasn't. Don't get me wrong it was a solid airframe but...
  10. Will Aldridge

    Reducing drag on a kitfox

    I have a kitfox model 1 I'm rebuilding. I intend to pay as much attention to drag reduction as possible. The main goals are: 1. Reduce fuel consumption at cruise( it's a backcountry plane so increasing playtime before having to come back out for fuel) 2. With a Vne of 100 mph I won't win any...
  11. Will Aldridge

    Asking for computer technical assistance

    Hey guys about a year and a half ago I bought a kitfox which Ive since disassembled down to the last nut and bolt and am rebuilding. I only took a couple pictures before that but the sale page with a few pictures is still up here: Ive tried...
  12. Will Aldridge

    Kitfox fuel system questions

    Unfortunately the search function is down so I was unable to locate information. I'm installing a different non standard engine in my kitfox. Since I'm already past the point of no return (engine and most crucial items purchased motor mount built etc) I'm not going to get into a debate about...
  13. Will Aldridge

    CF wingtips and cowling

    I have a kitfox model 1 (850 lbs max gross and 100 mph Vne). I'm going to build new wingtips to replace the fairly heavy(3.5 LBS each) FG droop tips and I'll be building a new cowling as well. I'm not set up for vacuum bagging so it'll be wet layup. I am looking for suggestions on what kind of...
  14. Will Aldridge

    The Flying Cowboys and my Mission Change

    A search of this site yielded no threads specifically about the Flying Cowboys, since they are one of the main reasons for my change in mission I thought I would at least make it slightly easier for those searching the forums to find them. Their web site is here:
  15. Will Aldridge

    For Sale Books and plans

    I bought a kitfox and it needs some work and money to be airworthy so I'm selling off some books and plans i nolonger have a use for. Price is based on what i checked on Amazon minus about 25%. Shipping included in price. Aircraft Design: A Conceptual Approach: Raymer $80 Aircraft Structures...
  16. Will Aldridge

    Exhaust ball joints

    Hey everyone, I'm going to be fabricating an exhaust system soon using 1 3/4" pipe and need some ball joints for it. I am looking for the kind that don't have the flange and bolts. I found that kind on ACS but if you know where to source what I'm asking for I'd appreciate it An older gentleman...
  17. Will Aldridge

    Bowden cable trim system questions

    For my elevator trim control I'm going to run a Bowden cable from the left console just behind the throttle all the way back to the tab on the elevator and have a few questions about the limitations of Bowden cables. I have consulted the Tony Bingelis books but they were kind of vague on all...
  18. Will Aldridge

    Bearings: Igus Vs Triangle Mfg

    Maybe this will be old news to some of you but since I hadn't heard of Igus plastic bearings before a cozy builder in my local EAA chapter showed me his project I thought I'd give a short report on the differences between the Igus pillow block bearings and the Triangle Mfg pillow block bearings...
  19. Will Aldridge

    Becker AR3201 any good?

    I found a Becker radio that fits in a 2.25" instrument hole complete with a wiring harness headset jacks and ptt for $350. It was removed in working order from a plane during a panel upgrade. I'm still a ways away from needing anything for my panel but this seems like a good deal. I'm extremely...
  20. Will Aldridge

    Maybe there is hope for millennials This guy was diagnosed with a learning disability which he overcame, spent a lot of time in Alaska on fishing boats to earn the money to buy the parts to rebuild a derelict airframe, is a private pilot, and licensed A&P and is about to attempt to fly to all 50...