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    Automotive Engine Permission

    Hello Every one I just want to use a Toyota engine for my home bilt aircraft. Should I get permission from the car manufacturer to use it? Will there be any issue with technology rights sort of things assocoated with it? Thanks in advance
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    Rotor Weights

    Hi all I've built a set of wooden rotor blades with NACA0012 airfoil and I added noseweights. Since the density of wood is constant through out the blade it balances at about 40% of the chord. In order to make the blade balance chordwise at about 25% we attach nose weights. I tried having these...
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    About Lycoming YO 233

    Hello Every one We know that Lycoming has come up with an engine for the LSA market capable of 115bhp (Lycoming YO 233), I have seen in their website that this engine is capable of continuously producing up to 115hp at 2800RPM. Can some one tell me is it okay to operate this engine at that...
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    New Certified Engines

    Hello All Apart from Lycoming, Continental & Rotax is there any other engine manufacturers who offer certified aircraft engines (Similar certifications as of the three mentioned). I would like to know if any of such engine are available in a 100hp to 150hp range. please let me know if there are...
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    Hello All Does anybody knows the cost of Rotax 914 F CERTIFIED engine. I couldn't find it in the internet but the Rotax 914UL NON-CERTIFIED cost is available. Can you also add the cost of Rotax 912 S CERTIFIED. Rotax Aircraft Engines Regards Mohan
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    Robinson R22

    Hi Does a Robinson R22 have a directional gyro or any gyro at all. Does it have an auto pilot? Regards Mohan
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    Widening wheel Track

    Hello Every one I am working on an aircraft of my own design. Now it is about to be completed but as I included wings, seat, fuel tank emphenage and engine the aircraft got heavy (But within the limit). So when I push the aircraft forward, one of the wheel widens and the gap between the wheel...
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    Round Tube Spars with leading edge sheet

    Hello Every one I have attached a construction picture bellow of an aircraft I found while I was browsing. The name of this aircraft is Glen Marshman’s RANS S-9 Chaos and I found that in this page EAA - EAA Experimenter - Glen Marshman's RANS S-9 Chaos. Here I see the designer has used both the...
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    Bending Perspex

    Hello Every One Can any body tell me is there any convenient method to bend an acrylic sheet of 3mm thickness to form a windshield for my HBA. The bending is simple it has got two curved areas about 120mm radius and three flat areas. I have already wasted 2 acrylic sheets trying to do it. I...
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    Metal spar & Wooden Ribs

    Hello Everybody I want to build an ultralight with Metal (Al) spars 'I' section and wooden ribs (Ply woods), But I have never seen this combination in any airplane, Is this possible, can I build a wing with this combination. Please let me know the pros and cons. I have seen in KitFox but that...
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    Leading edge tube spar

    Hi every one Why is it that for round tube spar ultralight planes the front spar is attached with the leading edge of the wing, why is it not at the quarter chord or any where at a different location of the chord. Mohan
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    Best Two seat Ultralight

    Can any body tel me which is the best two seat ultralight available, ready to fly? Safety, Performance & Long service life are the key factors I am looking for, Please help me.:ermm:
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    Wing lift strut Bolts

    Can any body tel me what is the diameter of the bolt used in the wing lift strut attachment to the fuselage or to the wing of 2 seat ultralight airplanes. Also please tell me is it a 8.8 bolt or higher....
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    X Air-Falcon_Fatigue Strength

    Hi All Am gonna buy a new XAir-Falcon ultralight aircraft from India. I am going through the design of this aircraft just to make sure that the aircraft is fatigue free and fly for several years. But some places i find some stress concentration areas. Can anybody give me some clarification on...