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    A New 3D Printer Can Produce On-Demand Batteries
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    Use of carbon fiber pultrusions in extreme lightweight wing construction

    Leave the plywood outside unprotected in the Pacific North Wet you can get "Black Plywood" 😇
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    CNC Ribs

    And not have to deal with Malware
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    Scale Miles M.20

    I was look at some pictures of Chilton aircraft under construction and it occurred to me that you could possible make a scale or semi scale Miles M.20 based on it
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    For Sale Craigslist
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    CNC Ribs

    Just be careful of the software a lot of it is loaded with Malware. I have one of the 3018's little brothers & all of the software you find for it from China has "Interesting software" included free of charge. There's good software avaalable on github & the Facebook group is good as well
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    Welcome to Taxachusetts $1,000 Landing Fee Proposed For Massachusetts Private Aircraft

    Here's an update Mass. Senator Backs Off On Landing Fee Plan - AVweb
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    Must be drinking the Raptor Cool-Aide
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    Oblique Wave Detonation Engine May Unlock Mach 17 Aircraft
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    It's a boat? It's a plane? No, it's a 'seaglider.' And it goes fast...really fast
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    Tandem-wing LSA/microlight concept and poll

    OK not quit meting the requirements but how about the Miles Libellula seires M35 & M39
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    No injuries after small plan crash in Hillsboro
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    Microsoft: Threat actors target aviation orgs with new malware
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    Looks like it is Corvair power for my Vari-EZE

    Wondering about using a medical type of ultrasound to image the fittings & possibly see any corrosion.
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    Boeing's 737 Max aircraft under scrutiny again

    Sadly The problems seem to have started after Boeing moved their headquarters out of Seattle. After I first posted this I found out their office building in Chicago is the former Morton Thiokol building. :grave:
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    ICAO Updates Effort To Clean Up NOTAM ‘Garbage’
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    Boeing's 737 Max aircraft under scrutiny again
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    An FAA and Federal Court Interpretation of the FARs Threatens Flight Instruction