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  1. Rob40

    seeking info on HKS -700i and -800

    A while ago on HKS's Facebook page popped up images and words about their developments, an injected -700 of 70hp: ...and an injected -800i model...
  2. Rob40

    running cylinders off rear location of full case?

    I know the 1/2 option can be with a full case or cut, but if I ran a full case, and ran the cylinders off the rear portion instead of the traditional front half, I would conceivably have two bearings working in my favor forward of the pistons at work and before the prop flange. The...
  3. Rob40

    prop shaft extension on half-VW?

    Is there any reason, besides constant checks of balance, that a half Vw can't run a prop extension like the F1 cassutts ? (not as long, say half as long) Given the front exiting exhaust, a decent aero cowl is only a few inches of extension away.
  4. Rob40

    Seeking more info on the Lishak LW-02

    Lischak, sorry...This is the plane that holds the distance records of C-1a/0 (under 300kg takeoff weight) The info I have found on it so far is only size and weight specific but I would really like to know more about how it was built. Was it a purely wood design or were there ore composites used...