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  1. Floydr92

    New Workshop - exciting times :)

    Hi all, not been active on here in a while as i've been preoccupied with life! gone through a messy break up but i've now moved out and have started a new business venture with a friend. Both being joiners, (and both studying aero engineering simultaneously) we've rented a workshop to begin...
  2. Floydr92

    The Business side of Homebuilt Aircraft

    Hi all, wondering who on here is on the business side of the homebuilt aircraft industry? I'm tempted to start a business based primarily around the most simple of my designs: the modular SDDR/pt103/microlight/possibly motor glider design. The design has not gone through detailed design and...
  3. Floydr92

    CATIA Nightmare - keeps crashing when rendering - HELP!

    Hi all, i have an assignment due a few hours ago :o to design a drone in CATIA V5. I designed one which took me a few weeks, was very happy with it but after adding every screw and wire it became quite a large file and bogged down my computer. numerous attempts at rendering it and it wont...
  4. Floydr92

    The 'daydreamers' your craziest designs and concepts here

    Hi all, time for a thread to post ideas, concepts and designs you wouldnt normally share for fear of ridicule. Doesnt have to be practical or possible, but hey, maybe someone has a good idea worth taking further. Maybe some of the non-engineers (usually the most creative) have an idea and...
  5. Floydr92

    Max altitude without pressurization but with supplemental oxygen?

    Hi, just a curiosity more than anything. How high can one fly without cabin pressurization but with an oxygen mask on? There must be a point at which ear drums explode and blood boils.
  6. Floydr92

    Chopped strand mat as a direct replacement for plywood?

    Hi all, i'd like a little input/second opinion on the following, i'm just pondering ideas here. As some of you know i'm building a minimax himax, and currently having problems sourcing the correct grade and thickness of ply. It's surprisingly difficult, and due to sizes of sheets the delivery...
  7. Floydr92

    TEAM minimax 1700R Himax build - discussion thread

    This is a discussion thread to run alongside my project log, feel free to give advice and general guidance as i progress. Thanks :)
  8. Floydr92

    TEAM minimax 1700R Himax build log

    First off, this is going to be a slow project, so dont be expecting daily updates, but it will reach completion, my target is 2 years. Today is day 1: I'm planning to build this little plane in a modulat fashion so as to reduce long term space requirements throughout the build. At the...
  9. Floydr92

    On being decisive - stop dreaming, start building.

    Hi guys. I've been on this forum for a couple of years now and so far not even started building. I've learnt loads, and since i joined i quit my job and embarked on a BEng Hons in Aero engineering, so i have the people of this forum to thank in part for that. Now i want to fly, this is my...
  10. Floydr92

    tail rotor (or two) to replace empenage of fixed wing ac, why not?

    as title suggests, could two electrically driven tail rotors replace the empenage function on a fixed wing aircraft? and what would be the limitations and disadvantages? reason for asking is that i'm in the middle of calculating tail volume and it's huge, and i bet i could get the same force...
  11. Floydr92

    Wing weight estimation - some help with data please?

    Hi all, i'm trying to estimate wing weight of a sparless (foam core) wing. I'm struggling to find the data required to calculate this, what i'm missing is the area of a clark-y airfoil per unit cord (ie. Area is proportional to cord)...cant even find the line equations :/ wonder if anyone could...
  12. Floydr92

    What to build? 2 seat, 39kts stall speed, under 450kg total weight.

    Hi guys. While dabbling with designs and projects for uni I'm a long way off starting to build any of them, this will come with time and experience, but in the meantime I want to get building! I've found a workshop locally that would be ideal, and think I'll sign the lease within the next few...
  13. Floydr92

    Safe 'worst case scenario' landing speed - your thoughts

    Hi guys, working on a concept at the moment which utilizes a degree of powered lift. In sizing, i can theoretically make the main wing very small, however it got me thinking about worst case scenarios. Lets say flaps jammed closed and no power...what speed would you consider safe for...
  14. Floydr92

    Aircraft modified to fulfill a purpose not originally designed for?

    Hi guys, been away a while...exams!! almost done. Anyway, i have a report to write about the aerodynamic factors affected by the modification of an aircraft to fulfill a purpose it wasn't originally designed for. Looking for suggestions and inspiration. Ideally something with plenty of widely...
  15. Floydr92

    Some help with CAD?

    Hi, I'm looking to do something in CAD, i use autodesk inventor 2014 but i could export the model and do what i need in another program if needed. here's what i'm trying to do: I have a solid body (a fuselage loft), i've shelled it, and i'd like to take that 'outer skin' and flatten it into...
  16. Floydr92

    Single Seat De-regulated (SSDR) Microlight twin - Conceptual Design

    Hi all, i'm picking up where i left off with my single seat, single engined microlight but have made some changes, and changed some specs. Here's what i need: -Daily commuter from airport one (EGPN) to airport 2 (EGPT), 5 days a week. (because i'm fed up of rush hour traffic for one!) I'd...
  17. Floydr92

    Fixed gear amphibian?

    Hi all, very busy with Uni lately and so haven't been around much. Just pondering some thoughts and was considering a fixed landing gear on amphibian hull. Does anyone know of any aircraft that used this? I've tried a few searches but can't find anything. For a single seater so a retracting...
  18. Floydr92

    engine choices - please help! (4 stroke, EFI, 30-50hp)

    Hi guys, struggling to move forward with my design, as i have no idea what engine to use. I don't want to design around a generic kinda size, i want to find the exact engine, exact dimensions and therefor be able to size everything correctly, not just leave a space that will fit loads of...
  19. Floydr92

    Another "napkin sketch" - single seat composite microlight/LSA - AirFlo v1.0

    Hi guys, Just finished up at Uni for the summer and i've headed down to Spain for the summer :) so i've been sitting outside today with the laptop getting another of my ideas transferred from my head into the computer (i wish there was a cable that could do this!) I was recently wanting to...
  20. Floydr92

    Worlds most fuel efficient jet engine Rolls out the factory.

    Thought this might interest some of you guys. Rolls' new engine was delivered to Airbus yesterday. Rolls-Royce starts production of a new breed of jet engine - Telegraph