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  1. Propman

    Lil' Hopper Leagle Eagle Complete

    My Leagle Eagle Lil' Hopper is complete less final operational and flight test. Here's a short walk around video Frank
  2. Propman

    Texas Legal Eagle Roundup 2018

    This will be our first year for the Texas Legal Eagle Roundup, Dates- September 21-23 Place- Fort Parker flying field , Schedule of events to follow soon Welcome all Legal Eagle enthusiast, builders, flyers. Please RSVP at
  3. Propman

    Legal Eagle with Verner 3VW

    I am nearing completion of a Legal Eagle with a Verner 3VW installed. Hope to be in test flights in a couple months, and thought others would enjoy the video. Enjoy!
  4. Propman

    Reklaw Fly In- Who's Goin?

    Reklaw TX Fly In is next week. Who's Goin?
  5. Propman

    Reklaw Texas Flyin 2016

    Who's Going? I'll be there Friday, Saturday , possibly Sunday
  6. Propman

    Verner Motor Scarlett 5si is avaliable!

    Verner announced the Scarlett 5si is now available. There's a nice vid on their Facebook page. It should be a nice alternative for several planes. 80 HP at 2300 RPM
  7. Propman

    Hello All

    Not quite new here. Found this site about a year ago, posted a few comments but never introduced myself. I've been around Experimental Aircraft for a while. Built an RV6, Started in 1995 and first flight was June 21, 2008. Yeah, it took a while. You know with a wife, four sons a few dogs and...