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    Wanted Dragonfly MK2 or MK2H MAIN GEAR

    Like the title says, I want to be able to convert my Dragonfly from tri-gear to taildragger, and to do that I need the Dragonfly MK2 gear, either the mid-wing stub gear or the hoop gear will work, with the hoop gear being preferred. I know of at least one owner that has used KR2 main gear as...
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    Epoxy recommendations!

    I very much would like to use MGS epoxy which I am familiar with, however the COVID has disrupted the supply chain and there is none to be had. Does anyone have any recommendations and positive experiences as to an alternative epoxy to MGS that is actually available?
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    Looks like it is Corvair power for my Vari-EZE

    I have just about given up on finding an 0-200, but sourcing a Corvair core was as easy as driving an hour, handing over cash money, and driving home. I have spoken with both William Wynne and Bill Clapp and read both thier works on the Corvair as a flight engine. At this moment I am tipping...
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    Backup battery power for EFIS/panel

    As I go through the now countless revisions trying to figure out what my panel will eventually look like, and having read of various electrical issues that knocks out some or all of the panel, I am very interested to hear other folks thoughts, opinions, and strategies for powering a "modern"...
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    Wanted Dragonfly templates

    My Dragonfly project came with built wings, canard, and fin, and it seems that along the way either the control surfaces were built then lost, or the templates did not follow the project. Thus I am in need of the templates for the ailerons, elevators, and rudder for a Viking Dragonfly, which...
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    My 13B engine configuration (tentative)

    I feel like I should know better but here it goes- the following is the list of parts that I either currently have or in the process of acquiring to build up the 13B-T for my Long-EZ. Engine- 13B Series 5 semi-P-Port side housings, studded, P-Port tubes are steel and the intake side O-ringed to...
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    I skipped right by this forum, just started posting away in different areas, and figure it is about time I introduced myself. I have always been interested in airplanes, and subscribed to Kitplanes Magazine way back in JR High through High school. In college I took flying lessons as I could...
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    Restoring homebuilt, what are the legal hurdles

    I picked up a plans built aircraft that was registered in 1978, and was had an N-number registered to it until 2013. It currently has no panel, no powerplant, and it looks as if the data tag has been removed. I originally thought the airplane in terrible condition and was going to scrap it for...