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  1. Floydr92

    Impractical fun planes you would build if you had the time and money?

    Supersonic electric vtol, with enough money... ...anyone got a spare billion?
  2. Floydr92

    The Oh-NO! Second...

    I put 2 spoons of salt in my coffee yesterday thinking it was sugar. The look on my face when i took a gulp must have been priceless. Would make a good practical joke.
  3. Floydr92

    Four stroke engine. But it has five cycles. Can anyone name these?

    As a response to 'you know nothing', i think he takes the bacon. If he had responder with 'actually, i havw a degree in combustion engines' like too many others would, then it would be an entirely different matter.
  4. Floydr92

    Four stroke engine. But it has five cycles. Can anyone name these?

    An excellent explanation, thanks! Need more of this on HBA and less of what came before. ;)
  5. Floydr92

    Four stroke engine. But it has five cycles. Can anyone name these?

    There are still four distinct phases in the otto cycle, which constitute 4 strokes of the piston - see PV diagram attached. With regards to terminology, i agree to an extent, but in this instance i cant see it being worth arguing about. The guy in the workshop next door to mine is an engine...
  6. Floydr92

    Four stroke engine. But it has five cycles. Can anyone name these?

    It's a shame but it seems HBA is turning into a massive pissing contest between various armchair engineers. Takes a while, but soon you learn who's who and can ignore their input. A certain mod is on my 'full of ****' list, but will remain un-named ;) Back to the topic, i was taught 4 strokes...
  7. Floydr92

    Is this riveting ok?

    you look to be doing a great job, one little tip would be to try to prevent the edges and corners of the bucking bar from touching anything while riveting, as you end up with marks and scratches fairly easily. if it's too fiddly in some areas, a small piece of masking tape on each corner of the...
  8. Floydr92

    Electric powered flight

    Yeh, a big beefy water cooled cable plugged in to the aircraft. At the moment the charging time is limited by the batteries themselves and not the input supply. Saying that, i tried charging a friends tesla on my domestic supply and i think it got 5 miles of range per hour out of it, not ideal...
  9. Floydr92

    Electric powered flight

    capacitors store energy just like batteries except they have a much higher charge and discharge rate. even the best supercapacitors cant beat lead acid batteries on a weight basis, so they are only really beneficial as a buffer to protect the batteries. in short, capacitors as a means of energy...
  10. Floydr92

    Electric powered flight

    Hi Duncan, great minds think alike eh ;) This is an area that requires experimentation more than anything. There have been literally hundreds of advancements and patents filed for conceptual technologies that just aren't practical with internal combustion. Internally blown wings and boundary...
  11. Floydr92

    Electric powered flight

    you have just summarized every post i have written on the subject of electric aircraft over the past year on this forum, into one nice paragraph. Totally agree with you. ;)
  12. Floydr92

    Electric powered flight

    probably the cheapest way to do it would be a couple of these... claim a peak output of 9.8kw, thats approx 13hp. run it all from off the shelf RC electronics. I've been looking into electric flight...
  13. Floydr92

    I have a whole ton of noob questions and thought this would be the best place to ask.

    Re: I have a whole ton of noob questions and thought this would be the best place to Don't be afraid or sorry for asking questions, some funny guy with his head way too far up his own behind will probably post a link to google or something, but the reality is that we've all been there, and if...
  14. Floydr92

    hangar window

    modern double glazed windows are surprisingly difficult to smash, much easier to boot the door in or cut the lock. i wouldn't think a window was a very big security risk, if a determined thief wants in, they'll find a way. a good alarm and or cameras would be a good deterrent. Banks have...
  15. Floydr92

    Gaps under pull rivets

    I'm sure you already have, but make sure all holes are properly deburred. If they are, i'm as stumped as you.
  16. Floydr92

    New Workshop - exciting times :)

    Hi all, not been active on here in a while as i've been preoccupied with life! gone through a messy break up but i've now moved out and have started a new business venture with a friend. Both being joiners, (and both studying aero engineering simultaneously) we've rented a workshop to begin...
  17. Floydr92

    New canard "E-Go"

    That's a shame, I enquired about an internship with this company a few years ago but nothing materialised. it looks like a nice design for what it is, hopefully they'll find a buyer. I can't help but think the hype starts way too early with many new light aircraft companies, and then the bubble...
  18. Floydr92

    How do you smoothly cut sheet aluminum?

    In the workshops in uni we have a large foot operated brake, and tin snips. Even for cutting small round parts its normally easier to rough cut it with the brake and then file it smooth. I havent tried this with aluminium, but i was recently cutting a brushed stainless steel sheet to go...
  19. Floydr92

    Member Names and Avatars

    Floyd is my surname R is first initial (Robert) 92 is year of birth. Avatar is me taking a selfie while supposed to be flying a Eurostar EV-97. Should really have chosen something more creative :/ Regarding the discussion about boxing etc, i find that manual labour keeps my pecks in...