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  1. Marc Zeitlin

    Camp on Airport in IA?

    So after driving the F-350/Lance Truck Camper from CA to CT to get my son and then back again (for sightseeing, mostly to places I'd never been before), I now need to bring him back to CT to his fiance' and job, keeping Amazon Web Services from going under, along with the universe as we know it...
  2. Marc Zeitlin

    COZY MKIV IP, Interior, Electrical work

    Folks: Not sure that "Completions" is the right sub-forum for this, but I didn't see anything more appropriate. So for the past (holy Nug, mother of Cthulhu) four months and about 400 hours, I've been working on my plane. I've completely sanded and repainted the interior (well, I paid a friend...
  3. Marc Zeitlin

    Aerocanard S/N #001 For Sale

    Folks: I am assisting a customer in selling Aerocanard #1, built by Jeff Russell. For more information, see: Any questions, feel free to get in touch.
  4. Marc Zeitlin

    For Sale Pristine Long-EZ for Sale

    If anyone is interested in purchasing a VERY nice Long-EZ, you can review the advertisement on Barnstormers at: and can review many more pics and all documentation at...
  5. Marc Zeitlin

    For Sale O-320 Long-EZ For Sale

    Folks: I am assisting a customer in selling his Long-EZ - for more information, see: and: Thanks!