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  1. Twodeaddogs

    Chris heintz

    Just read that the great man has passed away. RIP
  2. Twodeaddogs

    what the russians are building...

    A legal eagle with a two stroke?
  3. Twodeaddogs

    AN fitting for Cessna brake units?

    Hi all Can anyone tell me the part number for the AN fitting on the Cessna 150 brake caliper? TDD
  4. Twodeaddogs

    thrust expected from an 1834cc VW?

    Hi all, What kind of thrust would you expect to get from an 1834cc VW?
  5. Twodeaddogs

    KR-2 cable tensions?

    Hi all, Anybody know the proper KR2 cable tensions? thanks TDD
  6. Twodeaddogs

    what ignition systems are people using for VW engines?

    Hi all, I have flown behind vertex magnetos, Lucas and slick magnetos on VWs. What are you guys using?
  7. Twodeaddogs

    change axle...

    Hi all, I'd like to change the axles on this Spezio main gear for a newer Cessna type 4-bolts tub axle. Is there any option for getting the existing stub off, without taking a grinder to it?
  8. Twodeaddogs

    magneto leads replacement...

    Hi all, Im dealing with an old Bendix scintilla 6 cylinder magneto and am wondering if it is possible to change the old heavy mag leads for modern shielded leads?
  9. Twodeaddogs

    Pilot operating handbook for a Spezio Tuholer

    Hi all, I'm looking for one of the above, to copy for use on aircraft s/n 162, which is now under my watch in Ireland, so, if anyone has one, or a link to one, I'd appreciate it. regards TDD
  10. Twodeaddogs

    copy of Spezio Tuholer wing diagram

    Hi all, I need to get a copy of the drawing or drawings of the wing structure of the Spezio Tuholer. If anyone has the means to copy the relevant pages, let me know and I'll pay for them regards TDD
  11. Twodeaddogs

    spezio tuholer with old type brake units.

    Hi all, I'm working on a Tuholer with older Goodyear brake units, the ones with clips that hold the disc in....what a pain in the **** they are to get back on the axle...anyhow, we got the job done but now I need to know what type of brake fluid goes with them. What came out of the pipe was a...
  12. Twodeaddogs

    dealing with brakes on a Spezio...

    Hi all, I am servicing a Spezio Tuholer at the moment, with a view to it being given it's Permit to Fly (Ireland). It's brakes have seized from being idle, so I pulled off a wheel to have a look. The brake disk is a kind I've never seen before; it's a slotted disk, which appears to sit in slots...
  13. Twodeaddogs

    Question: should the forum add a thread for conversions of industrial engines

    Hi all See thread title. Lots of very interesting industrial v-twins appearing on smaller aircraft. regards TDD
  14. Twodeaddogs

    Super Cub with Kubota wind driven genny

    Hi all, I'm trying to track down a wind driven generator installation, which I have seen fitted to a Super Cub, in a video. It consists of a Kubota gene or dynamo driven by what appears to be a marine type propeller, which appears to be a multi-bladed type, possibly from a trolling motor,made of...
  15. Twodeaddogs

    why not air starters for smaller aircraft?

    when I see the extensive use of air starters by Russian aircraft, I wonder why they have not been in more extensive use for small aircraft? anyone got any ideas for air starters for the likes of VW/Rotax/what have you ? regards TDD
  16. Twodeaddogs

    First flights and preparation for them

    Hi all, As an aircraft inspector for homebuilts and classics, I have conducted about ten first flight inspections (by chance, mostly RV-7s) and actually did two first flights myself, on Zenith 601s. This is a list of what I have done (or have had the owner carry out) for the inspection process...
  17. Twodeaddogs

    St Patrick's Day

    Right, you lot, Listen up! Tomorrow is St Patrick's day. You are all hereby enlisted (temporary) into the Irish diaspora for one day only. You will be required to wear green clothing, dye your local river/creek/pond green, drink a great deal of drink (preferably pints of porter or whiskey) and...
  18. Twodeaddogs

    how do you conduct a pitot-static test on an aircraft fitted with a venturi?

    Hi all, I was asked to do a pitot-static test on a Pa-22 Colt, which has a venturi fitted, as well as a pitot-tube on the left wing and static ports under the belly. How do you do a leak test on this set-up? Do you block off the venture? regards TDD
  19. Twodeaddogs

    magneto cooling...

    is it a good idea? an aircraft I am involved with had a partial power loss just after take off and we examined it closely on the ground and found no fault. The aircraft was subsequently flown and behaved normally but the heat off the magnetos (slicks) intrigued me. Could hot mags have...
  20. Twodeaddogs

    ethanol issues with RV tip tanks

    Hi all, A friend of mine has fitted new tip tanks to his RV 6 and has found that the ethanol in mogas has caused drain valve seals to shrivel up and the sloshing compound used in the tanks to start to come apart. Has anyone any suggestions for a tank sealant that would be usable with (ethanol)...