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  1. narfi

    Mazda 13b w/ Tracy Redrive I have seen this advertised before. Does anyone know the story behind it? Is it worth making an offer on? What is fair considering I want to be as 'cheap' as possible and don't mind waiting a year or more before...
  2. narfi

    Solidworks question

    Is there a way in drawings mode to automatically annotate offsets from a line at set intervals? For example in this picture I manually placed 2 vertical lines and 13 lines from right to left. Is there a way to measure the distance from the line to the part at each interval automatically and...
  3. narfi

    DO X - Return of a Legand

    A friend of mine in Germany is working on this project in cooperation with a museum, a university and some of the Dornier family. I don't really know much of the details other than it will be a 1:1 non flying scale model They started a website (not finished yet)
  4. narfi

    Narfi's Scratch Built Zenith 750 Super Duty

    Hello! I will be Scratch building a Zenith 750 Super Duty This post is a place holder for anyone searching for information on 750 Super Duty builds. My build log thread and discussion can be found here...
  5. narfi

    Narfi's Scratch Built Zenith 750 Super Duty

    Today I placed the order for my plans. The assembly drawings for the kit are done but they have not finished the blueprints for scratch builders yet. They will attach blueprints for some of the parts I can start on now that have been done or are interchangeable with the 750STOL and later this...
  6. narfi

    Question for the mods

    Well I bought plans, so I need to start a log here. I don't want a sterile record of my progress, I want an interactive log where everyone is welcome to respond, critique and offer suggestions. I am old enough to have my own strong opinions but young enough I don't care if someone disagrees with...
  7. narfi

    Air Adventurer 333

    anyone know much about this plane? What is the construction and what skill sets needed for a quick build kit? I've read there were early issues that were resolved with some engineering changes, how do you know what those changes were and if they are included or what is needed to do them...
  8. narfi

    Solidworks Student - Flattening curved sheet metal?

    I am teaching myself some of solidworks. Wife wants a model boat shelf behind the toilet, and work has a new cnc machine we don't know how to use yet. So Ill play with it on my own time so they don't waste money on my learning and maybe momma gets a nice shelf out of it. I can draw out a flat...
  9. narfi

    Quality, economical CNC

    Boss said buy one..... What is a good quality, economical CNC setup? 30"x30" minimum bed Cuts .050 or thicker aluminum (I don't think should be an issue with most) Plywood Two color layered plastics for placards (Im not sure what that plastic stock is called) Addition of a laser module later...
  10. narfi

    Fisher vs. MiniMax Reviews or Experience?

    These two companies have similar looking and similarly constructed plans and kits. At least to the casual observer looking at their websites....... What do you guys know about them? What are the real differences in how they are built and or flown? I am more specifically interested in their...
  11. narfi

    DIY Guy Inspirations?

    Watching his videos brought a little color back to my graying beard...... Went back and re-read some of the discussion of a conventional class quickie style idea but it devolved without alot of resolution..... My "DIY Guy Inspiration" this morning was wandering how quickly you could build a...
  12. narfi

    Trifoils discussion

    Do you have information on the builder? If I followed what you said the sequence went like this: Plane was built . . . The builder donated it to someone he believed would find it a good home . . . The recipient sold it to you unable to transfer registration as he never had...
  13. narfi

    New battery

    My phone recommended this news blurb for me,
  14. narfi

    Privateer Industries Timeline?

    Has anyone payed enough attention to the pictures on their website to know when it was last updated? On the last page there are a couple of pictures with it fully primed grey with propeller installed, it seems to be missing the Shroud (is it still planned on being shrouded?) and inspection...
  15. narfi

    Parasol All Pendulum Pod

    Been working too much to put much thought into crazy ideas, but here is something thats been kicking around in my head, The seeds for the ideas come somewhat from other Parasol craft such as the many Dornear's (their new Seastar is so beautiful) and Rutan's Skigull, as well as the visibility...
  16. narfi

    An interesting morning.

    Got a call yesterday morning. A 206 has beached across the bay the night before and needed help getting off and back across and out of the water. Apparently the pilot had misjudged distance he needed to make the corner coming into the bay and ran aground at a fairly high speed, though he had...
  17. narfi

    Stinson JR SR: Looking for info

    The TCD is extremely sparse. I am looking for info on anyone familiar with this specific aircraft or even with the same family of aircraft. Links to info on any sort of handbooks or data would be appreciated as well.
  18. narfi

    anvegger: Explain the wrap solution in your builders log please.

    I couldn'the figure out what it did or what it's purpose was.
  19. narfi

    2016 - Flying RV

    There are certainly lots of older posts on this dream, but since it is something that interests me I figured I would start fresh again. 1. What features would you want? 2. What would you limit your size to? 3. Realistically how small of engines could you use to accomplish this? For me, I like...
  20. narfi


    I would like to discuss this further, but do not want to cloud up the Skigull thread. (perhaps a moderator can move the applicable posts here if they feel that is appropriate.) My experience in this is limited to 180s/206s/beavers/otters/Supercubs on floats/amphibs, both aluminum(nothing more...