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  1. delta

    Way outside the box

    I bet someone could take a few ideas and perhaps some parts from existing machines and go fly. For instance, can anybody else see a coaxial helicopter evolve from this? 2016 Multiquip HHNG5 48" Ride-on Power Trowel 35 HP Vanguard Engine Gas bidadoo | eBay How about a lightweight and powerful...
  2. delta

    Health Wealth & Happiness

    Hopefully this will be a thread where stuff that works for one might also work for others. CR recently commented how important vitamin C was for the immune system and I wish to expound on that fact by relaying some history of mine from the mid 70"s. I met a friend of a friend who told me how...
  3. delta

    Float springs a leak...

    I was watching the live feed from Lake Hood seaplane base a couple of days ago for about an hour where the camera was zoomed in on a docked 170/180 listing about 45*. I don't know how they saved it but today it was like nothing happened and was sitting proud by it's own little dock. I would...
  4. delta

    Air race/show, Ely Nevada, June 13-16

    Inaugural event. Formula one and possible t-6 pylon races. CAF attending. Information and updates: (800)496-9350
  5. delta

    For Sale Craigslist

    There's a bunch of stuff applicable to homebuilt aviation on my local Craigslist that stretches roughly a 500 mile radius. I thought I'd start this thread because I ran into a couple of interesting things this morning that may be worth the money...
  6. delta

    roadable daydream

    I'd like to be able to make short trips down the road safely and legally with a cross country flying machine(think Oshkosh from Utah). The differential brake steering and the "small wheeled" trike arrangement would limit the speed significantly for road use, but might help it perform alright as...
  7. delta

    born to race

    I just ran into this nice article about the Pond Racer and Tsunami and thought it might provide a stepping stone to other articles of interest within the Smithsonian Air & Space mag... enjoy History, Travel, Arts, Science, People, Places | Air & Space Magazine
  8. delta

    contemplating a joined tandem wing

    Lately I've been drawn to variations of this particular theme mainly due to pilot visibility during take off and landing. I thought I'd invite some input before committing to RC. The lower wing would have flaperons, and the upper would be elevons. A full scale amphibian would probably...
  9. delta

    Thunder Over Utah

    Thunder Over Utah Air Show This is in my neck of the woods and I'll be there Sunday. Hopefully I'll find something interesting to share.
  10. delta

    Ebay Today

    Wheeler Express ft Aircraft for Parts | eBay Corsair F4U War Replica Incomplete Kit Home Built Plane Aircraft | eBay Please add other items of interest including local findings on Craigs list etc...
  11. delta

    Folding or Feathering Helicopter/Tilt-Rotor Blades

    Moderator Note, from Topaz: I've moved this material to its own thread, as it's drifting well off-topic from the subject of "Folding or Feathering Propellers" from whence it came. ------------------------ I like this idea even better. Might be nice to have a folding blade on a tilt rotor to...
  12. delta

    Interesting look into the J-58 development Told Tales of P&W3.pdf
  13. delta

    Interesting facts and links

    I ran into this website the other day and thought others might find it a nice place to visit from time to time. It has nice historical information and video links in abundance... Rick
  14. delta

    Pucker Factor

    For those who haven't read this before, enjoy... A friend sent me this account awhile back and I thought I'd pass it on... Rick > Zero/Zero by Charles Svoboda > It happened sometime in 1965, in Germany. I was a copilot, so I knew, everything there was to know about flying, and I was...
  15. delta

    Heading west on I-40 from Central Oklahoma to Flagstaff then hwy 89 to St George

    Hi All I'll probably be heading home in a few days and would love to see your homebuilt project. The timing may or may not work out, but hey... it's worth a shot. Rick