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  1. pfarber

    TONS of low cost King Mode C's out there... opinions?

    See a TON of King Mode C's for sale. Like sub $300 in working order. I guess a lot are coming out due to ADS-B upgrades? I know a lot of them are officially out of support, but there still are quite a few repair centers taking them for repair/certification. I really don't need ADS-B OUT, and...
  2. pfarber

    Does buying a membership still default to auto renewal?

    Its time for me to renew, but I remember last year I had to go through the hoops and disable the auto-billing 'for my convenience' Has this been changed? Is there an option to just pay support for 1 year and not worry about it being auto-billed next year?
  3. pfarber

    Who here has no need/intention to add ADS-B OUT?

    I really don't need it, and I don't plan on flying to places where it will be required. So I have, for the foreseeable future, decided that ADS-B OUT is a non-issue for me. Anyone else (BESIDES THE NO ELECTRICAL SYSTEM FOLKS) have this same view? I mentioned that I had no intention of add...
  4. pfarber

    Anyone flying the AV-30 for their 6 pack?

    I am 80% sure that I will run dual UV-30s for my primary instruments. Anyone have one? I downloaded the simulator and it seems that once you set it up, you don;t touch it. One thing I did learn is that if you put it into a taildragger you might have issues as the AHRS will not zero because of...
  5. pfarber

    Wanted Airtrike SPG-5

    Looking for a like new or very, very low time SPG-5 PSRU. RPM range between 5000-6000. Send specs and price and photos.
  6. pfarber

    Is there a 'complete unit' with nav/com/gps/adsb/xpnder?

    Has anyone found a 'total package' like this? I know there are units that have nav/com/gps but not sure if there is one with an ads-b OUT and xpnder. I would think that it would cost less to but an all in one unit.... or would not? I am not IFR certified yet, and I would like to be able have...
  7. pfarber

    Does this sound reasonable?

    FORD V6 AIRCRAFT ENGINE & BELT REDUCTION **PROP INCLUDED** | eBay Just a random find.. but does this seem reasonable? I am not a buyer, but FWF car motors don't seem to have lot of pricing history like certified motors/cores (which basically have book values). My thoughts: At $3500-4k its...
  8. pfarber

    Why put the PSRU on the Rear Face of Block

    Is there a significant reason why most engines put the PSRU on the rear/transmission end? The only thing that I can think of is maybe crank thrust bearings and the harmonic balancer. The front of V engines seems to be more easily adapted to a PSRU, once you remove the accessory belts and...
  9. pfarber

    Please enforce for sale/wanted rules

    I think that anything for sale MUST include a price in the title or be deleted. And if they do something stupid like $1 than ban them from the For sale forum.
  10. pfarber

    Anyone use the 3M SR cutters for adhesive removal?

    I need to rebuild a wing and these were recommended as a solution to remove Proseal. Anyone use them? Any idea of longevity?
  11. pfarber

    Need to start a discussion about engine mounts

    There used to be a great site called Dude by the name of Paul Lamar posted an article (you have to use the Internet Time machine, and when you do, donate $5 you cheap b*****rds) called 'Suggestions for building a rotarty motor mount'. it was a PDF and he goes over some pretty...
  12. pfarber

    Anyone view this site without ad blockers?

    I don't think you would recognize it And yet people seriously complain about Facebook.
  13. pfarber

    So I though I would buy some books from the EAA.... silly me

    Got a 20% off and free ship code, figured great! Time to buy some merch. Then I tried to use the EAA's shopping site and cart software. PURE. UTTER. GARBAGE. Cart did not update, so I clicked 'add to cart' again. Cart still showed (0) items. Rats, go back to the items page, now there are...
  14. pfarber

    Why do so many builders cleco EVERY hole?

    I've been told (and done) a cleco every 4 or so holes. I see 'builders' putting 100's cleco's in a simple skin. Is there something I'm missing?
  15. pfarber

    Good bandsaw for making forms

    Anyone have good / cheap bandsaw recommendation for making forms? I have a small craftsman and its just bad.
  16. pfarber

    Anyone turn in an engine as a 'core'?

    What was the process? Did you get listed price? Only as a credit? Thanks!
  17. pfarber

    Using only GPS as your EFIS inputs??? Why u do dat?

    I am not picking on any unit in particular.. but I'm doing some reading and see that many DIY EFIS are not using gyros or direct sensing, but instead using GPS for AHRS. Example is Flightview. "The AHRS system uses GPS data to determine if, how much, and in what direction the aircraft is...
  18. pfarber

    Drill bit sharpener or new bits?

    Any thoughts on buying something like a Drill Doctor for re-sharpening bits or should they by thrown away once dull?
  19. pfarber

    If Cessna/Piper/Beech released the plans for X, would you build one?

    Since most of us trained in the 'standard' trainers, if given the opportunity to build one, would you? Yes, there are 'cheap' certified airplanes, but staying in the certified world means bearing costs that are, well, unbearable. Are their E/ABs that mimic the 172 and Archer etc/al in...
  20. pfarber

    Rib/skin rivets and fuel tank sealant.

    I was looking through a build thread and saw that a guy had slathered sealant on the skin and the rib flange, then cleco'd in place. Allowed the sealant to set, and then riveted. Now, when prepping sheet metal, we drill/ream/debur to get the best possible fit. Yet somewhere/somehow this...