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    How many people are interested in a GOOD safe psru for the rotary?

    dWalker, Due to the covid situation I lost my 9-5 job. I am still working on the reduction gear. 1 portion remains in design. I will continue but very slowly. Wish I could say more, but there is only a small chance to make money on it. I was hoping to provide for my own aircraft and defray my...
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    Mazda Rotary Engine

    Aircab you might think that chrome was best but the early Powersport tried many surfaces. The reason for the braised side plates is that they can be nitrided hard. That is a chemical change of the material itself on a molelecular level. It can’t flake or peel like chrome can. That was the best...
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    Mazda Rotary Engine

    Only one of the last superlites used the braised housings. Never run thru tests. Now at the EAA museum. For the superlite that they tested with they had done aluminum end plates that they did with coatings. They found the coatings difficult and tricky to apply. They questioned the durability of...
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    Mazda Rotary Engine

    As info for everyone. The “Superlite” engine was so changed that it couldn’t even be considered a Mazda product anymore. It was an all out attempt to really make a rotary AIRCRAFT engine. They made their own aluminum side plates, cast their own housing for their own planetary reduction gear, and...
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    Mazda Rotary Engine

    The Hatch/Beckham engine was leased to the RV3 owner for a dollar and he took credit for it and won several awards. Hatch was killed while flying in a non engine related crash. Beckham his friend and partner for many years was so broken up by his loss that he sold the company to the Wisconsin...
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    Mazda Rotary Engine

    OK guys here is the engine I was talking about. It uses a simple electronic ignition, Mechanical aircraft fuel injection and makes 200 HP. Why not sell this one?
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    Mazda Rotary Engine

    So you guys are giving it another go? Are you going to sell Reduction Drives? Or just complete packages? When was the last engine delivered? Why not sell the Beckham/Hatch MECHANICAL FI and electronic ignition? That was the engine that they developed the 200 HP engine with. Every time someone...
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    CAD Program

    Hi Hotwings, I’m a solid works pro that is semi-retired. I have my own seat and I’m willing to work with fellow pilots cheap to free. Depending on how complex and or interesting the project is. The best way to get a good cad program is as some have mentioned to join the EAA and use the free...
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    Why battery-powered aircraft will never have significant range

    One thing ignored in this arguement is that a properly designed PEM fuel cell can produce H2 at up to 3000 psi when used as an electrolizer. Power from renewable sources could even be used to run the cell.
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    Running two-stroke engines lean-of-peak

    Something most people ignore about two-cycle operation is that most systems that inject oil are based on RPM of an engine driven injector pump. There are also pumps made that work off both (engine) RPM and throttle opening, similar to a diesel fuel pump. These pumps don't VARY the mix due to a...
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    Running two-stroke engines lean-of-peak

    I would caution everyone about point 1. in this response. two-strokes will show a temperture drop LOP, if you can get there. Since many two-cycles are running near their peak temp at WOT even with the correct mixture, as you lean the mixture you will pass through a very dangerous area just LOP...
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    Running two-stroke engines lean-of-peak

    Kevin, I wouldn’t recommend LOP on a 2 cycle. The reason is that you are carrying your lube oil, either in pre-mix in the fuel, or in some engines injected from a separate oil tank. Since that oil lubes your big end bearings you don’t want to starve them. You can sometimes run a 2 cycle out of...
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    Mazda Rotary Engine

    Guys Powersport was doing the best “low RPM” wankel porting. They were tuning for 6000 RPM. They finalized at 208 HP at 6500 with very small ports. Keep in mind that all your parts need to handle that 200 HP. Bill
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    Racer, often times there is even more time between first flights ans a pre-production example. Witness the DeltaHawk Diesel development. they first flew the engine about 6 years ago (est.) on a velocity and only now are they talking about selling to the public, and I still don't know if they...
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    K340 - one cylinder runs rich and other lean

    Keith, You need to do a compression or leak down test on both cylinders. For the cylinders to be that far apart indicates possible damage internally. Assuming you are using the fan cooled version it is typical for one cylinder to run a small amount hotter. IIRC that is a piston port engine, and...
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    $10 gallon Avgas

    Vigilant, I doubt TEL would EVER be a consumer product. It is extremely poisonous and hard to handle when not in solution. (In gasoline) Hell it is very hard to get any rodent poison in many states. Government agencies would freak out if you could get TEL in a bottle. Bill
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    Sheet Metal Engine Mount?

    Tim, I didn’t check all the replies but there was a well known vintage aircraft with a sheet metal bed mount. The P51 Mustang had one. Don’t remember which version. I believe there were tubular versions also. The Questare Venture also used a oilpan/sheet Metal mount. So yes it certainly can be...
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    How many people are interested in a GOOD safe psru for the rotary?

    Billski, These arguments are the biggest reason I haven't spent a bunch of money to get the gearbox into production. The unknowing anecdote repeater. Everything I mentioned in starting this thread that the original Powersport had TRULY TESTED the rotary and debugged it. Raytech had torsional...
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    Icon A5 Update - No Deliveries!?!

    OK I have checked in on Icon's progress from time to time. On their business model I have only 1 general comment. Until they can produce a LSA aircraft that costs the same as a typical car, and yes I mean typical, about 20 to 30K there will never be a long line of folks willing to become the...
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    Rolled threads or cut threads

    Rolled, or really cold forged threads are ALWAYS preferred unless it is intended to break.