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    Polyurethane bushes for suspension

    I'm considering a design that uses coil springs in compression for suspension with the coils housed inside 2 sliding steel tubes, similar to a Chilton DW1A. It struck me the other day that a stack...
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    Wing construction aft of the spar

    In the XPS bonding thread there has been some interesting discussion about the pros and cons of various types of wing construction. My interested is a single seat aircraft with a max empty weight of around 200kg (440lb) and a max speed in the 120 - 140kt range. Initial weight estimates say the...
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    For Sale KLX-135A available

    Is anyone interested in a KLX-135A? Available with tray, GPS antenna, manual and quick ref card Removed serviceable when Europe when to 8.33kHz channel spacing Will ship worldwide. Make me an offer.