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  1. WonderousMountain

    Possibly Interesting Pultruded Material

    Not great for a thermal ceiling. There's a 4" x 4" wide beam available. Made out of tooling resin, Resists UV. Pretty fair for the affordable column.
  2. WonderousMountain

    Elevons or flaperons on a tandem-wing design

    Would you taper the outter 3/8ths front wing span for me?
  3. WonderousMountain

    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    Started model #2, the Octoplane, Tandum Biplane, Box empennage.
  4. WonderousMountain

    Tandem-wing LSA/microlight concept and poll

    So am I, I want pond-soons instead of wheels.
  5. WonderousMountain

    Lighweight opposite 2-stroke engines

    The spiral resonator might be nice, you can always pop a standard one on if it fails to please.
  6. WonderousMountain

    Tillotson 212cc and 225cc on efficient ultralights?

    On the subject of tails, I recommend the inverted Y. It does not need mixers & has positive stability under a down-lift condition. Equal proportions usually suffice. If you have a low climb rate, might do well to improve your circling radius. ~CK LuPii
  7. WonderousMountain

    Tailless Aircraft - Reflex and other design issues

    Please ignore if it's been discussed. Crashed 1 year after thumbnail pic.
  8. WonderousMountain

    Aluminum Tube & Gusset Airbike / Legal Eagle / Parasol Thread

    My mind is on the A-B Scud II Not thinking about Aluminum tube, but Reworked the wing under the original 100 Ft^2, span 40ft parameter and my Cranked planeform. Then another 26.67ft varient if using a sustainor engine comes to 80ft^2. Changing the center section to an arch, to Make the...
  9. WonderousMountain

    Rescue equipment

    Jute rope, kerosene stove kit, bagged wool & leather clothes, artificial sinew, aloe.
  10. WonderousMountain

    Tillotson 212cc and 225cc on efficient ultralights?

    Yeah, I'm going to have to ask you for a turbo. Sir, CK LuPii
  11. WonderousMountain

    Gazaile 2 vertical tail

    Install it fighting against engines P factor. Sincerely, CK LuPii
  12. WonderousMountain

    Hi wing monospar?

    Souricette is mostly wood, I rather like the wings of it.
  13. WonderousMountain

    Sailplane Schools/Clubs in best winter month location

    Might try here:
  14. WonderousMountain

    10/23 Raptor Video

    Sooo... If I were to make a Raptor 'Tribute' aircraft, There's a ready made market of 24 Million?
  15. WonderousMountain

    Is this wing flyable, or does it need to be rebuilt?

    Just trim off the root & wingtip sections, reaffix & go flying.
  16. WonderousMountain

    Tandem-wing LSA/microlight concept and poll

    You can use the same molds for both wing sets. HM293 HYDRO - Because why not?
  17. WonderousMountain

    Spark redundancy.
  18. WonderousMountain

    Build supplies under the clouds

    Used to run a band saw mill used a V-twin Kohler. Won't get very accurate boards, but it's not much time to cut up a single tree.
  19. WonderousMountain

    Heavily inspired ultralight

    My thoughts are the pup is a good start for a first finishable design. The average time to build is something like 7 years - depending. Your empannage could have outboard taper, simply by bonding in a length angled. Also, you might try putting the connection to the Fuselage at a triangulated...