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    Interesting new engine design to replace 2 strokes

    I came across this new aircraft engine that looks interesting. I know just enough about engines to find it interesting, but not enough to know if the claims are valid. Simplicity Motor Works
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    Footlaunched sailplanes Archaeopteryx and canard 2fl

    I came across this video on the net. It shows the newly Archaeopteryx with traditional tail but at the end of the video has the only videos of the much older canard 2fl of Hans U Farner. The 2fl was decades earlier than the Archae and reported 2 points better glide at 30:1. The weights were...
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    Finally a working "jet" pack

    Here's the website for a "jet" pack that's past the testing phase and is available for commercial purchase - if you have a handy 80 grand. Flight duration is only 30 minutes, and I'm not sure I'm comfortable relying on a 2 stroke motor - ballistic chute or not. (Though 200 hp from a 130 lb, 2...
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    Calculating foil Cm for a given tail volume, incidence and coupling distance.

    I'd like to make a plank style wing with a close coupled V tail set right on the TE. I can find lots of data on calculating the foil Cm for a given degree of sweep, twist and washout, and other data on calculating tail volume and coupling distance for traditional tails - but nothing on...
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    A footlaunched plank design that worked

    On a past thread here there has been some discussion of the practicality of using a plank platform for a footlaunched gilder - and speculation of the best design and past relative failures. Problems of small static margin and CG range have been brought up, the most suitable airfoil, the...
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    Unconventional method to control torsion in a spar without forward D section.

    For reasons of portability and the chosen method of folding (ribs accordion to the tips sliding alone the spar) I can't use a rigid D section on my spar. So I devised this idea where the spar bends to a curve. When I examined the motion of the curved spar in torsion, I found at the upper...
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    Hang glider trike plans

    I've been asked on numerous occasion to post the plans I have for a hang glider trike. These plans are old and somewhat outdated and I make no guarantees for the airworthiness of the design - or accept any responsibility. I did make this trike with a friend and it flew OK but we made some...
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    Stability in a swept wing with no washout from the elevons alone.

    There's been a bit of discussion on fancy twists and sweep in swept wings from bell distribution to elliptical. The consensus is that building in the twist and getting the sweep, washout and taper correct is quite hard with a narrow range of workable solutions. But what about untwisted...
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    Why don't we seen the captive column in aircraft spars

    I came across the captive column concept recently, and given the reported strength to weight ratios I can't see why it hasn't been adapted to aircraft spars? This web site gives some pretty impressive numbers - and pictures - but I'm suspicious. The page has the feel of a conspiracy site and...
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    Twist in planks

    I'm interested in designing a plank style flying wing with some taper. I've managed to find all the info I need on CofG location and airfoil selection but I can't get much on the twist. A few of the articles say a properly designed plank style wing doesn't need twist (so what is properly?)...