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  1. choppergirl

    Could I do this aviation job?

    I was browsing jobs today, not even aviation jobs, just all jobs, and came across a Naval Aviator job - and I was like, oh to hell with this, basically you have to already be a jet fighter pilot currently to get a jet fighter pilot job. Nowhere to get your foot in the door anywhere; the aviation...
  2. choppergirl

    Provocative Places to Unfold My Wings

    Mockup Above I'm looking at the prices for Oshkosh ($50/day) and Sun N Fun ($40/day), and I'm like, you know what, I bet they're just charging that much to keep the poor like myself out. The pilots fly in, the show don't pay the pilots anything to show up, and their sticking it to the...
  3. choppergirl

    Math Questions

    Fabricating a 4 ft trailer extension. How I'll square it up to weld it together: Cutting square holes today to bolt mount it with square tubing and battleship plate steel. Is there a formula or rule of thumb to determine the ratio of how far back the wheels need to be on a pull trailer...
  4. choppergirl

    You can thank Aviation Outlaws for your Homebuilding Hobby

    Bernard's History (12 videos) is an excellent history of Bernard's Airport Back in the day early home builders scratched up airplanes out of *everything*, and I mean everything... and had moxie
  5. choppergirl

    ShelterLogic Temporary Hanger (Pictures)

    My friend David, who is building a Weedhopper (in the pictures) and gave me the Poorboy, just bought an 18 x 20 ShelterLogic Tent from Northern Tool and put it up, and I thought I'd share some pictures he sent me for anyone who ever considered doing the same or something similar... Ebay...
  6. choppergirl

    Weather Balloon + Glider --> Edge of Space

    Weather Balloon lifts your glider to edge of space, you disconnect, and glide back down to earth... Is this possible, and has anyone done it before, for a balloon to lift their glider from a point at the center of gravity, to the edge of space, and they disconnect and glide back down? Assuming...
  7. choppergirl

    In one pciture, why I never, ever, ever want Dual Instruction

    So I was happily working along on my rough and rusty plane pick up trailer yesterday, an essential part of my airplane "kit", griding off all the jaggy blow torch cut edges to be smooth, grinding away the weld splatter and over welds, and knocking off as much rust as I possibly could everywhere...
  8. choppergirl

    Americus, GA - Sept. 30, 2017 - Southeast Powered Parachute and Grassroots Fly In

    Southeast Powered Parachute and Grassroots Fly In Saturday, September 30, 2017 - Americus, GA (map) Hodges Field (4GA0) - Smooth Grass Runway 1380 ft. by 200 ft., Elevation 455 ft. Printable PDF Flyer here...
  9. choppergirl

    Brutality Today

    So, since I've refinanced and consolidated my debt, at an insane 25% interest rate, and now have some breathing and wiggle room, and it don't look like I'll ever get a job on this continent in this disaster nation, I might as well work balls to the wall like a bat out of hell, and see just how...
  10. choppergirl

    Wanted Cheap Welding Helmet, Auto Darkening, for Stick and Wire Welding

    Looking for a cheap used auto darkening welding helmet that won't flash me using a basic stick welder or a HF wire welder light range, about the only thing I'll ever use it for to try my hand at welding. I pretty much gave up on welding because I couldn't see !@#$% through a passive old skool...
  11. choppergirl

    Free Mobile Home --to--> T-hanger

    I found a 30x25 pole barn/shop I can have with good tin on the roof if I relocate the tin piece by piece (the rest of it is junk and I'd have to come up with my own sides and new A frame trusses), but I've also have been keeping my eyes out for free house trailers which come up regularly. A lot...
  12. choppergirl

    Free Office w/ hs internet, 0.75 miles from Municipal Airport !

    A free room next to a local airport just fell into my lap, what should I do with it???? Did my little orange arrows mention it has spiffy pool? ~~~~ I spent today helping clean a 59 y/o old ladies house just to help her out, because her house was getting out of hand. Just something I did to...
  13. choppergirl

    Ultralight Initiatives - Air America - Wufi - Maps

    "AIR AMERICA is off to a good start. 25 licensed pilots with two place Quicks, Challengers (or similar) around the US willing to give an orientation ride to a potential UL pilot who doesn't have training resources. So maybe that person's dream of a first flight doesn't end in tragedy. It's not...
  14. choppergirl

    Glider Pilot Arrested

    Four years old, but first time I saw this. :-/ Ignore if this is really old news to you... Comment section on it is buzzing... so maybe it was featured somewhere lately.
  15. choppergirl

    DIY Radar Altimeter for Ultralights? ...with some hacking or modding, of this, or another similar (better version / brand name) ultrasonic distance measuring tool? I've never used one, but on the package it said real time updating of...
  16. choppergirl

    Studying how a drinking straw deforms

    A lot of aircraft seem to be built out of tubes, so I've been playing around with plastic drinking straws, of the Burger King / McDonald's variety. When a sideways load is placed against them (or a compression load, that almost always turns into a sideways load), they always fail in the same...
  17. choppergirl

    Wanted Two Weedhopper (B?) Propellers for Two Chotia 460 engines

    I need two Weedhopper type (preferably helical twisted) propellers for two Chotia 460 engines (which I bought for $99 with my Chotia Woodhopper) The construction manual says start with a 36"x14", but I think longer with less pitch is suppose to be better and quieter(?) I believe at least the...
  18. choppergirl

    Towing an LED Streamer

    Could you tow something like this as a streamer being pulled along behind your aircraft, with like a disconnect to drop them someplace safe before you landed? 500 LED led lights, 328 ft, 30volts DC 0.12A... $30 I have a 30ft string of these, but I'd want to up size to 300ft as a streamer; with...
  19. choppergirl

    Blue Foam inside a tail surface, versus Flutter?

    Another VJ-24W pilot told me the tail surfaces on my motor glider would flutter rather disturbingly, with high speed air across them. It seems to me, blue foam board doesn't weigh that much, and I could stiffen all my tail surfaces dramatically by installing it inside the empty volume of these...
  20. choppergirl

    Help Identify this HomeBuilt Aircraft

    From Wrens Sept. 16-17,2016 local Fly In (today): My guess: Lowes Gyrocopter? Why use batteries, when we have extension cords.