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  1. badger

    If you're interested in a Radial

    **** ...GOSH DANG IT!! I dont know WHAT the hell I was aint a radial, it's a 912 Rotax......and I knew that......have NO IDEA why I put radial. Sorry bad. Found this in our local classifieds. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. John - Ad Listing
  2. badger

    Bamboo?? Interesting....

    Howdy folks: Below is a post that came up in the yahoo Ragwing Aircraft group. Pretty interesting. Thought I'd copy it and post it here too. I know, my brother recently bought some of that flooring, and it is some durable, HARD stuff, and really not all that heavy. If I didn't already have all...
  3. badger


    Jake, Welcome back Chief! Glad you made it safe and sound and didnt bleed none!! Hopefully it's 15 months, or even 48, before you have to go back! Thanks for your service bud, from one vet to another. John
  4. badger

    Dual rudder pedals

    Any of you guys know if there's a decent way to fabricate dual rudder pedals out of wood? I've seen the metal tube kind, and they look good, but I'm just wondering if anyone knows how to do the same kind of thing with wood. Seems like they'd have to be a little on the bulky side. Any help or...
  5. badger

    FAA's King Air

    Hey guys.... Even the FAA has bad days! John
  6. badger

    Door or not to door?

    Guys.. I'm building a "Ragabond" (Roger Manns version), all wood construction. In the "plans", all it says, and all it shows, is the one door cut out on one side....and then all it says is to "make sure all cabanes and supports for the center section are in place and glue is dry before cutting...
  7. badger

    Dual control fabrication

    Hey gang.. Shortly here, I'm going to have to concentrate on fabricating dual controls for my plane. I've seen a couple photos of the finished project(s), but not a lot of detail. Anyone have a link or some photos they'd like to share so I can get started collecting the needed materials, and...
  8. badger

    Question about aluminum

    Hi folks.. I strated cutting a piece of 1.25X1.25x.25 aluminum channel for part of my main gear construction. What I did was, forgot to put down masking/duct tape on either side of the cut, and didnt realize/think about it until I was almost I finished the cut. Question is, whats...
  9. badger

    Mooney (MX-18) Mite Plans....worth??

    Recently acquired these plans from a friend in New Zealand. He's had them since 1970. They appear to be completely complete, with construction manual, (THICK!), an array of Mite brocheures and literature, and 3 "tubes" of prints, two of which havent even been opened yet. The ink on the prints...
  10. badger

    VW Engine mount

    Brand new engine to firewall GreatPlains mount for VW aircraft engines. Does NOT fit the Diehl/HAPI acessory cases. Bolts to the 4 studs on the back of the engine block. Steve sells them new for $260.00. This one is $200.00/offer. I have a HAPI accessory case on back of my 2180CC, and was not...
  11. badger

    Question for you welders..

    Hi guys.. I honestly dont know a lot about welding. It's just something that I never really got in to, I guess. I done a little "brazing" from time to time with oxy/acc torch, but thats about it.....and never was any good at it really. My son bought a little 70 amp arc welder for to do some...
  12. badger

    scarf joint/half lap joint?

    Hey guys... Last night I was laying out my fuselage longerons, verticals, etc., etc., on the table. I'm going to have to join a 12 foot long, 3/4 X 3/4 piece of spruce to another shorter piece (still 3/4 X 3/4). The plans show the area "where to scarf joint" (the longerons) if the builder has...
  13. badger

    Pitot system question

    Hi all, I was reading somewhere a while back, about placement of pitot tubes, distances under/above/behind/forward etc., etc. when one fella said he put his pitot tube right on the vertical leading edge of his vertical stabilizer, a couple inches down from the top, protruding out about 6...
  14. badger

    Problem here or no??

    Long story short....My son wanted to "help" me the other day, as I was sanding down and blending the gussets on my wing ribs. I used 1/16th mahogany ply for them. I told him what we were doing and why, and he started helping me. I wasn't to awfully concerned about him screwing anything up, but...
  15. badger


    New guy here. Been reading around and looking through this site. It's quite impressive how many intelligent people post on here, and even more impressive are the answers! This is a good place to get information, AND an education at the same time I believe!!! Thus, a not so difficult question...
  16. badger

    Why is poplar not so popular?

    Hi folks.. I've been a member for about 3 weeks now, maybe a month. I've done a lot of surfing and reading in these forums, and found some information quite useful. I've not seen alot of the mention about poplar wood as being a good substitue for spruce, pine, etc. I have done quite a few...
  17. badger

    New here too!!

    Hey all. My name is John. I wish I'd have found this site 30 years ago! Then again, if we'd have had computers 30 years ago, I probably would have! I live in Utah, and am currently building a Ragabond (Piper Pacer lookalike). I got the tail feathers done, working on the ribs now. I've already...