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    Rim Sizing

    I'm trying to make sense of wheel rim sizing: If my understanding is correct, only the last 5 columns are related to the rim itself. 1.) Wheel (Rim)Size - what's the first number? Is that the width of the rim? The...
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    Bolt Dimensions

    Hi, I'm looking for some dimensions to the following bolts: NAS1103-38D NAS1305-52DH NAS6204-13H NAS6203-12 AIR133136 AIR132616 14132003-149 14132003-145 14132003-147 14132003-57 I can't find much info on these, can anyone help? Maybe the numbers in the names are all that is needed to figure...
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    How Time Pieces Work

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out how the fancy 'Aircraft Time Pieces' work :). 1.) How do airplane clocks GA and airliner clocks keep track of time? GMT doesn't change in terms of time zones, so that's the time that all other times are measured in relation to. In fact, you could probably just use...
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    Please Help to Understand

    Hi, I'm reading some material in relation to propeller design and don't understand the theory. I don't understand is the vector V, why is it going from bottom to top? Shouldn't it be coming from the top of figure 1.8? Same for 2 pi r n, shouldn't rotational wind be coming from right to left...
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    Looking for Brake System

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for suggestions for a brake system for a CA-65 Cvjetkovic. It uses 5.00-5 wheels and tyres. Something like this:
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    What's this Called?

    I'm wondering what the yaw indicator is called? In the image to me it looks like it's called biceerometer. EDIT: NM... disregard... Inclinometer.
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    Naming Parts

    Hi, I've run into a problem that I'm sure has been faced before, but a search of this site and google, I've come up with practically no results that have been useful in helping me figure out how to best go about naming parts of my assemblies. The problem is as some have already guessed is...
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    Who Certifies Avionics

    Hi Guys, FAA certifies aircraft, who certifies avionics?
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    Ideal CNC

    If you could build a CNC for building planes the size of a Cessna 172, what CNC table dimensions would that translate to?
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    Ducted Fan?

    Just wondering whether this would basically be a ducted fan if used on an aircraft?
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    Prop Thrust

    Bit of a stupid question possibly. If you have a particular prop which you have fixed the pitch for to be at it its minimum level for a given RPM, if you increase the RPM, does the pitch at which the minimum thrust get generated remain at the same pitch or might it shift?
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    CA-65 - Atomic_Sheep - Discussion Thread

    Hello, Just starting a thread for the discussion of questions that I'll have along the way. Here is the first one: I've got a cross brace member like the one in the image below. It's not at a 45 degree angle and I'm not sure whether to make the red distances the same or the green ones. At the...
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    Woodstock Imperial to Metric

    Hello, Was just wondering, how much work will be involved to convert the Woodstock imperial plans into metric? Or any imperial plans for that matter. The most annoying parts would converting plywood sheets 1/16, 1/8th etc into 1.5mm and 3mm sheets because that's what is available in...
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    Ribs and Structural Load

    Are wing ribs ever structural members? Or does the wing spar always carry all the load?
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    Black Fury - Atomic_Sheep - Melbourne Australia

    I am apprehensive starting this thread because it's early days in terms of even forming the concept of what I want to create but I suppose this is part of the process. I'm not going to say much for now apart from stating what I'm trying to create. Basically I'm interested in creating a 21st...
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    CA-65 - Atomic_Sheep - Melbourne, Australia

    I am commencing the build of a CA-65 Cvjetkovic. Wish me luck but I won't be making any promises in terms of how far I'll get with the build. This is my first project of a real plane so it'll be an interesting exercise for sure. At the moment, I'm waiting for the plans to arrive.
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    Single Engine Water Crossings

    What are some opinions on this topic?
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    Very Cool

    This looks quite interesting:
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    Plans for Wooden Glider or Motorglider

    Hi guys, I'm interested in building a wooden sail plane or motorglider like the k13 for example, does anyone have any links to plans for something like this? Preferably dual seater and motor glider in preference to a glider.
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    Zeppelin Construction

    Hello, I'm researching zeppelin construction and there isn't that much info on these things. I've got the following two sites as interesting sources of information: The process of constructing the USS Los Angeles rigid airship by Zeppelin company...HD Stock Footage - YouTube The Hindenburg’s...