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    A-- Hat drone owner/pilot

    As all you aircraft owners know the insurance company’s that insure aircraft are all very keen on “subrogation“ meaning they will pay for the damages to the aircraft then will go after the party that caused the damage. If a drone damages any kind of aircraft it wouldn’t take much to cause $10k...
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    Hey - why is no one build Heath Parasols anymore???

    Possibly, it’s pretty close on stall. Listed as 55mph and LSA is max 52mph. That things built like a tank, 500 lb empty weight. I saw one once in person and they are tiny! For my own skill level with a taildragger I’d be more comfortable with a stall around 35-40 mph and I don’t need aerobatic...
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    Hey - why is no one build Heath Parasols anymore???

    Couldn’t agree more about the Stolp Starlet. Have been pondering a non aerobatic light sport version with alum tube and gusset construction. For the wing the 10deg “widgets“ (as used on the upper wing of the Lil’Bitts biplane) could be used. Essentially built like the upper wing of a Bitts but...
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    Sun n Fun 2021

    I have a request for anyone going to SnF. Did Kolb show up? if they did can you find out when (if?) they are going to resume kit production? If kit production is to resume what is the lead time to get a Firefly. Thanks! Edit: Nevermind, got my answer here...
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    TONS of low cost King Mode C's out there... opinions?

    Agree, I think Garmins flat rate for EX EFIS repair is $500. if a used 327 failed I’d just toss it and buy another one. If budget is really tight and the $200 difference between a KT and 327 Is significant a KT will work just fine. Both seem to be very reliable. The KT I pulled out of my panel...
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    TONS of low cost King Mode C's out there... opinions?

    I picked up a Garmin 327 for $325. Generally the small price difference between a KT76 and a Garmin 327 makes it an easy choice.
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    Does buying a membership still default to auto renewal?

    I had the same question a couple of years ago. I’m not interested in being recognized as a “Member“ and since I don’t post much or need to store files, etc. the perks don’t benefit me, however, I do want to support HBA so I just donated. If you don’t check the box to make it monthly its a one...
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    Could the Inflatable Aircraft Concept Be Updated/Modernized?

    I’ve been enamored with the Inflatoplane for a long time and actually saw one once in a small museum at Pax River. I’ve read that one of the biggest problems was the need to maintain a pretty narrow range of inflation pressure. When climbing to even a few thousand feet, pressure had to be...
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    Builder support forum as a business model?

    ”Getting the airplane built properly is just as important for a $20,000 airplane as it is for a $200,000 airplane.” Probably just me, I’m what you might call frugal... ;) I’m not big on subscription anything. Yea antenna in the attic, prime video and that’s it, no steenkin cable for me... on...
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    Builder support forum as a business model?

    As mentioned I think the buy in for a “subscription“ service would depend on the cost of the completed aircraft. I’d pay for support if I was building a $100k+ airplane but probably not if I was building Fritzes “Ranger” Ultralight. One thing I’ve not seen mentioned that seems to work is to...
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    Alternatives to spruce in wooden aircraft construction?

    Ok, Pops has me considering fisher flying products geodetic wood construction. Doing some research I discovered FFP is putting out weekly YouTube vids on various topics related to their aircraft. This one talks about their decision to replace the Sitka spruce spars on the FP202 with northern...
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    Rebuilding my Sky raiders 1835

    Hi Tomz, could you tell me who is the manufacturer of that EGT/CHT gauge? thanks!
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    Wood Ribs Tube Spars- Wood by Victor

    Is that PVC plumbing tube between the wings the gas tank? I’ve never actually tested compatibility but always assumed gasoline attacked PVC.
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    Sun n Fun 2021

    I just read that AFSOC will be featured this year at OSH and at least one CV will be there.
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    Italian/European engine comparisons

    The guys that own the rights to the Mitchell wing are local to me. I’ve been meaning to talk to them but all the fly ins were cancelled :( you might shoot them an email or call to see if they’ve tried any of those PPG engines. Any of those do sound like a perfect match.
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    Bob Barrows and his Electric Ultralight Flying Machine

    . needs a B&S v twin.....
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    Briggs & Stratton 993cc "Big Block" engine conversation thread

    Dan W of SPA Panther sells a billet crank for the vair. We could talk to his vendor. If someone drew it up in CAD then it could shipped out to any number of the CNC machining centers for a quote. Not at all sure about what it would cost or if we would need the extra strength but there’s a small...
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    Briggs & Stratton 993cc "Big Block" engine conversation thread

    This is great stuff. Trying to pause the Dino vid at 3400 rpm (ish) it’s looking like good power output (and closer to torque peak). so I’m thinking direct drive. Yea I know I’d be leaving HP on the table but hopefully reliability would go way up and it almost sounds like it’s idling at that RPM...
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    Who here has no need/intention to add ADS-B OUT?

    I put in a GDL-82 mainly to be seen by the Lyft Academy students. Lyft Academy is a flight school that operates out of Indy (Class B). They are training the next generation of Airline pilots. There are so many of them that they spread out to all the surrounding airports. Mainly all they do are...
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    Best bang for the buck using 1/2 VW.

    Not counting them out yet at all but if they are also “pausing“ the employees paychecks those employees are going to move on. Hiring/Training new employees will make it that much harder to restart production. As VB says the Kolbs are way too nice to go away. Worst case surely someone will come...