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  1. ULF

    CriCri Composite

    Hi, I am getting serious about a CriCri built, not in 2024 alclad, but made out of composits. Right now I am working on cutting the wing and flaps cores out of pu-foam, and I plan to use the negatives as a mould for the wing skin. The wing will be a hollow composite with a glass- carbon skin...
  2. ULF

    ULF-1 finished summer 2018!

    Finally, covered, doped, clearcoated, weighted, 69kg, finished! Thanks to all that helped with ideas! truely John
  3. ULF

    Need info on CriCri MC15

    hi, I am looking through the plans of an Mc15, and am wondering how exactly the flaperon system works. According to the plans there are 4 seperate flaps. Are those inboard ones for the takeoff and landing flaps and the outboard are ailerons, or are they connected together to funktion as a...
  4. ULF

    Airfoil for CriCri

    Hi, does anyone know what airfiol the CriCri uses? It reads Wortmann 21,7%. But there are hundred Wortmann Fx airfoils. And also the Junkers type aileon? Appreciate any help. Thanks, John
  5. ULF

    When the spar is calculated for all bending moments of a wing, the sheeting takes care of twist?

    Hi there, I am considering the build of a CriCri like airplane, only not out of aluminum. The wing is rectangular, has a 1° washout, and the actual wingspan is less than 2.5m per side. I am thinking to build a negative mould that size shouldn`t be hard. Now there are calculations for carbon...
  6. ULF

    Wooden structure covered with Super Flite SF104 and AEROLON Dope

    Hi, I have built many model planes, and have used dope before, I`ve also used Ceconite poly fibers 104 with different dopes, and the fabric would slowly get more and more transparent, the more coats I applied. This time, the raw fabric, SF104 was little transparent, when I put it on, rubbing the...
  7. ULF

    Covering with Ceconite 104, thread count spanwiese or width?

    Hi, Ceconite specs for uncertified 104 state that thread count is 90 x 76. Is the first number, the higher, for width or length ? I assume the fabric tautens a bit more in direction of the higher thread count. Appreciate any advice, truely John
  8. ULF

    For Sale ULF-1 kits, parts

    see photos:
  9. ULF

    For Sale ULF-1 Glider kit (parts)

    Hi, selling komplete kits for ULF-1 or parts, Horizontal stabilizer set of ribs, elevator ribs, front spar, rear spar. Vertical stabilizer ribs, rudder ribs. Wing ribs, Aileron ribs, rear spar, aileron spar. Fuselage main bulkhead with welded lower wing mounting fitting, rear bulkhead (2...
  10. ULF

    Wooden Ultralight covering with Ceconite light

    Hi guys, I am bulding an ULF-1. Its a glider, completly wood construction, very light around 120lbs empty weight. Since the one I am building was started acordingt the older plans, it uses a rather thin torsion D box, with only 1 mm plywood sheeting for the first one and a halfe yard and the...
  11. ULF

    Aircraft cover ceconite light

    Hi, in the process of building my ulf1, I`d end up fiberglassing some parts, that later will be covered with fabric. A good price to quality choice would probably be Ceconite lite or Diolene, with about 60-70g/m². I informed myself about applying Ceconite, and found, that one needs an STC...
  12. ULF

    Fabric cover for my ULF1

    Hi there, What would you recommend for a good cover for my 50Kg ULF1? I am thinking about the light ceconite. And what glue and where should I buy it? And will this glue also work on fibregass , since the D box will be covered with thin glass cloth. And what dope and how many coats and where...
  13. ULF

    Zink Chromate

    Hi guys, It used to be the main coating system for metal aircraft, zink chromate for aluminum and welded molydenium steel structures, in addition the aluminum was alodoined befor the zink chromate came on. Is this still the way to go today, or have some modern epoxy primers taken over? Befor...
  14. ULF

    Why do ultralights not use aluminum powder to protect the fabric from UV light ?

    Hi, I am building an ULF-1 ultralight plane. When I asked around what people use for covering, I find that nobody uses aluminum powder in the dope. Is that a smart Idea, not to use it ? Can`t be the weight ? Truely Johannes
  15. ULF

    D-Box surface coating

    Hi, I have bought a halfway finished project of several ULF-1 s. One is pretty much ready for cover, except the wings are not finished yet. Only the D box is built. the ribs are there, but have to be glued on yet, as well as the aileronspar. Now I noticed, that the inside of the D box was...
  16. ULF

    Any ULF-1 Project in Austria?

    Hi, according to the ULF-1 Forum there should be one or two ulf-1 projects in Austria. Or is there any project close to Austria? I learned that airworthiness could cost as much as 2300€ (that is without any building or testing) and in Germany its even worst. There the DaeC used to be in charge...
  17. ULF

    ULF-1 uses mostly pine (Kiefernholz)

    Hi, Just received the plans for the ultralight glider ULF-1, and as was to be expected, most of the spar and cap stripes are pine wood. Now this is rather uncommon for the rest of the worlds homebuilts, they all use spruce or fir. The planes call for a certain specific weight for the spars: no...
  18. ULF

    Surface coating of bare wood components

    Hi, When building wooden structures, should the cap stripes be treaed with any light weight filler befor gluing ? And after everything is glued together, what type of filler is used to protect the wood from moisture ? Should it be rather spray painted, or brushed ? Thanks, Johannes
  19. ULF

    Prefered wood glue

    Hi, I`m planning on building a ULF 1, all pine , spruce german construction, out of the 70s. What glue sould I consider ? Aerodux 2 komponent ? Aeropoxy ES 6209 ? Aeropoxy ES 6279 ? R&G Laminating epoxy Aero L20... I use this resin for handlayup fibreglss for my model planes. How about UHU...
  20. ULF

    Good source of aircraft grade wood in Austria or Germany.

    Hi, :)I`m planning on starting with a ULF-1 in a week or so (just ordered the plans). Now I asked myself, where would I go for the materials, eg aircraft grade spruce capstripes and spar material? The ULF-1 s a micro lift, 55 kg (1130lbs) empty glider, built up ribs and spars and wooden fuse. :)