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    Cut down case - flywheel drive?

    I just picked up my GPAS 2180 flywheel drive kit which I bought from Walter Turk in Shertz, TX. Several years ago Walter, who knew Bruce King, was building a BK1.3 when Bruce decided not to fly anymore for health reasons. Walter bought Bruce’s completed BK1.3. This left him with a partially...
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    CHT & Oil Temp Sensors

    I have committed to buy a GPAS 2180 flywheel-end conversion kit from a builder whose poor health stopped his project. My plan is to add external full flow oil filtration and cooling. Where should I tap holes for the CHT and oil temp probes, and what size? Hoover recommended that the CHT probe...
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    Rotor hub for pulley end

    Pops (or anyone else building/having built a flywheel drive aero VW), Are you installing a Bob Hoover style dynamo rotor drive hub on the pulley end? (pic below). Is there a source for this (CNC machine shop or other) at a reasonable cost? Thanks
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    Flywheel drive with starter on pulley end?

    Folks, I am building a Flitzer Goblin and am interested in installing a flywheel drive VW (probably 2180). Because the standard starter ring won't fit without a radical reshaping of the bullet-nose cowling (which would kill the charm of the aircraft), I hoping to install the starter on the...