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    Building an engine from scratch????

    Just discovered a delightful series of articles about building your own engine in a 1932 magazine called Mechanical Package (Fawcett Publications). The Cross Country Twin engine was described in issues two and three, but unfortunately the magazine folded before the final part went to press. At...
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    John Roncz: The inside story about Rutan designs

    Found this on Karoliina Salminen's Design|A|Plane website. Oshkosh 2011 - 1:17:51 and all of it fascinating.
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    Interesting incident

    A 23yo pilot ferrying an 82yo man had to make an emergency landing after his passenger started fooling with the controls. The passenger was taken to hospital with facial injuries (no doubt from an elbow to the face) and will face charges later in the week. Mid-flight incident forces pilot to...
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    Airspeed Indicators - scaling units

    Recently I was surprised to find that NZ and Australia now allow ASI units in knots, mph or kph for VFR aircraft, even certified ones. I was under the impression that the USA stopped using MPH in 1970 and that only France and Russia used KPH. An email to CAA NZ and they explained it was to make...
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    Contender for an auto conversion - Daewoo Matiz / Chevrolet Spark

    Three cylinder inline 6-valve SOHC Displacement 796 cc Multipoint fuel injection 51 hp @ 5900 rpm 67 nm @ 4600 rpm 8.4 litres/100 km consumption Front wheel drive so it has a takeoff on both ends A 1998 model - the earliest year built - will have about 250,000 km on it and the price you would...
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    Two cylinder engines

    Two cylinder automobile engine seem to be a dying breed. A stalwart of the European car of the 50s and 60s, they now hold such rarity that finding and using one in a homebuilt aircraft could see the builder with an orphaned design. Engines used in the past include the Lloyd LP600, Citroen 2CV...
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    Minimal powered aircraft regulations - comparison by country

    The original document for your country should be consulted for full details of the regulations. Below is a comparison of the basic regulations for a single seat aircraft. #include <disclaimer.std> USA - FAR Part 103 (6 Aug 2014) Further suggestions may be made by EAA No airworthiness...
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    Modelling Software

    I've bought a 9yo microlight aircraft in NZ that has never been registered (ignore tail markings, they're fake), which I assume means also that, despite some superficial dings and deterioration due to storage, it has had very little air time. Apart from removable wings it's a fairly standard...