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    Wanted piano hinge pins

    Hi all. Does anyone have a source for .079 piano hinge wire? Thanks, Mike
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    Zenith carburator

    Greetings. I have a 2400cc Hummel engine with a Zenith 267 series carb. and am looking for any info on what others have used to control the mixture.I have read somewhere about the use of a speedometer cable used to turn the mixture adjustment T on the bottom of the carb .Problem is the mixture...
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    Newbie question. Are diodes required on the starter contractor and the battery contractor and what is there purpose? Aircraft Spruce sells a starter contactor diode but no result for battery contractor. I will be connecting a GRT mini x efis and a GRT EIS and suspect that these diodes will...
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    Effects of wing length

    Hi everyone. I am building a Onex and am trying to determine the upside and downside to going with a shorter wing span.The Onex has fiberglass wing tips and you can shorten the wing span from 20' to 18'9" by cutting the tips down.I understand that a shorter span will raise the stall speed but...
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    Acrosport 2 plans

    Acrosport 2 plans SOLD thankyou all Decided on a Pietenpol build instead.Plans are in mint condition as bought in Oshkosh.Will sell for $75us & I will pay postage to anywhere in North America.Contact me via personal e-mail if interested.At $50 less than new I will not go any lower.SOLD