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    Flying off your own place in Florida

    Hi; I'm looking to move to Florida, Santa Rosa county. western pan handle. I have found 10 acres, 1300" long and flat, Zoned for a Agriculture grazing. Is it legal to fly off your own place? do you have get permits? or just do it, like in Nebr., ? Not inside any Halo. Or...
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    Bracing wire Heath Parasol

    Where can One get bracing wire, as used in a 1920's heath aircraft? No. 12 or 14
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    For Sale 1946 Taylorcraft BC-12D

    TTAF 1728. SMOH 325 new bungee's Wings recovered with Polyfiber 1998 Snow skies ,Annual 4/2018 flown regulary Uses 1 at oil in 20hrs
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    For Sale KR2 and KR1
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    Wanted wanted climb prop

    need a climb prop for a Taylorcraft A-65 continental PM me thanks
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    Rib design

    Don't know if this is the right spot for this question. I'm building a plane using my old one as a plan, so I'm cloning it. I have the fuselage about done. I'm on to the ribs, they are Al tube. I wanted to make sure I did them right. So I asked the famliy that I got the plane from, what rib...
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    Help; tig foot control

    I have a Dayton high frequency arc stabilizer box, Model 3AC01 I have hooked it up to my welder and run some beads with it on AL. and steel ,it works. But I have no experience with tig other than that. There is no foot controller, I have seen them on machines. (Weld shops just look at you and...
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    flying no registion or N number

    Hi All new guy here, and I have question, who would have guess? I have a friend who has test flown his plane with out any paper work being done. Besides a fine and stuff, how would this affect the registering of the craft?? thanks guys