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  1. flywheel1935

    Chemical Exposure Discussion

    Is it just me, but does anyone else find the black vinyl gloves "just a bit creepy" 🤡
  2. flywheel1935

    Nice Simple Questions !!!

    1/ Can you weld 4130 with MIG, ( I'm guessing you can) ??? 2/ If you can, whats the best MIG Wire. Over & Out.
  3. flywheel1935

    Thoughts on clean sheet design ???

    Having now completed 50% of the build of my LMA, to a UK SSDR regs, see build thread in this forum. Now in UK lockdown I'm started looking at building a Clean Sheet version using UK sourced tube and alloys. Airframe will be 4130 and wing will be a clone of a Cub/PA18 Stol Version with Flaps and...
  4. flywheel1935

    Laser cut 6061-T6 ? or use a router ???

    Hi Guys just need a basic lead ref cutting sheet 6061-T6 (For a wing spar) is laser cutting or routing the best way or waterjet , as these are the options open to me from local subcontractors ???? spar length a 13 ft long
  5. flywheel1935

    Piper Cub Airframe Drawings/Plans ????

    Just a thought, but are Piper Cub Airframe Drawings/Plans available from any source, I mean to 'original' J3 ,L4 spec etc, so one could build an airframe then build up an aircraft with off the shelf parts from Univair/Wag Aero/ Spruce, Just putting it out there.
  6. flywheel1935

    EFIS ??? Just a thought !!!

    Was looking at my drone today, and realised its flight control board has all the elements to possibly feed a Tablet EFIS, just putting it out there. As I'm not a Techi, is there mileage in my thoughts ????
  7. flywheel1935

    Vortex Generators !!!! for non-flying vehicle :-)

    Hi guys, here in the the UK I have a Motorhome, you call them RV's. Anyway the overcab is shaped like a aerofoil section, so I'm looking for some Clear Plastic VG's to help flow over the roof and stop dirt ,etc. can get cheap and nasty black ABS/Carbon fibre rubbish off ebay, but like the stuff...
  8. flywheel1935

    LMA Build in the UK, to SSDR spec.

    Hi Guys, I've moved my build thread to this area as I cant seem to post anymore pics !!!! Anyway here in the UK I'm building a LMA Taylorcraft but to Single Seat Microlight spec. The build manual is very poorly written, any one on your side of the pond built an Alloy Frame LMA, could do with...
  9. flywheel1935

    LMA, LM2-2X Build

    Initial layout on build table, now finished both fuselage sides, x -members to go in next week.
  10. flywheel1935

    Wanted 6061-T6 tubing needed in the UK, ( HELP )

    I've an LMA Taylorcraft Kit, but some tube is missing need 6061-T6 3/4" x 1/2" with 0.035 thick wall. need up to 60' in total. any US leads ???
  11. flywheel1935

    Hi Guys, new member just saying hello.

    Got myself a NOS LMA 'Taylorcraft Kit', been stored for ages but now agreed to build for the previous owner, major issue is no stress data was ever offered/given by LMA in Florida, so building in the UK is becoming a bit of a problem ? The bonded Alloy airframe is considered non-standard ...