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    For Sale 20B fresh Mazda rotary

    20 B engine specs: Up for sale is a Fresh Built ITO JUDGE PORT Street ported 3-Rotor 20B-RE Engine that can be put in any Rx-7, Rx-8, Rx-3, Rx-4 or your favorite Rotary Project. Has: - "A" Series Rotor Housings Ported and engine assembled by ROTARYWERKS Miami. - "D" Series ITO JUDGE...
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    For Sale SDQ2000

    Good morning group. I am putting my SQ2000 project back up for sale. I still have the 20B fresh engine, mount,and monitor also. I will separate it into two sales, one for the firewall forward and the fuselage kit with everything that goes with it. I have engine mounts for the 20B and...
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    For Sale SQ2000 kit for sale!!!!! Rare bird!!!

    SQ2000 Fuselage, main spar, factory canard. Glass and windshield, seat pans, small parts, front gear leg istalled w/ hyd cyl installed, no pivot or wheel and tire, gull wing doors installed, need new lifts, main spar installed, needs strakes and landing gear, you can have fixed or retracts...
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    For Sale Lycoming Dynafocal 1 engine mount

    OK, it seems that its usable for most Lycomings from what I can tell. I am not familiar with them. So, its brand new and has never been mounted and its $800.00 plus shipping. Cozy girls list theirs for $1200.00 so this would be a good savings for someone in process of their build. It was ordered...
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    Wanted Wanted, SQ2000, parts, plans.

    Hello all, I just picked up a SQ2000 unfinished kit and I am in search of plans, parts etc to finish it. I have been looking for any infor etc. on this kit and as you may have guessed, its sparse. I got to speak with David Hansen (builder) and he will advise me on anything he can to help from...