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    Which twin engine British homebuilt was it?

    * Prototype was all metal * Two 100 HP engines, and I think fixed pitch props * Fixed gear * Tandem seating (possibly single seat, don't remember) * Ailerons had an unusual boost system using tabs under the wings * Not sure, but I think that the engines were on a stub wing like the Dornier Do28...
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    Anybody with hot wire foam cutting experience near Savannah?

    Our small team made a hot wire cutter and bought some foam from home depot. We made templates, put two guys on the hot wire cutter and the results were... inconsistent, to be gracious. I've looked for online videos about hot wire cutting but didn't find any relevant to airplane parts, only to...
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    Starlite plans, VariEze or LongEze plans

    No planning to build either, but want to look especially at StarLite wing plans and Eze rudder plans. Don't need to be full size, just want the details. Thanks!