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  1. Dudewanarace

    For Sale New not a barn find Turbine legend/VENOM Complete fast build kit with VENOM wing

    So true. Plenty of times we had 80% of a Radial Rocket kit in one corner of the shop and never made the concentrated effort to get that last 20% and photograph it. It was always easier to start packaging before the kit was complete. Plus I'm not sure how many people really appreciate that type...
  2. Dudewanarace

    For Sale New not a barn find Turbine legend/VENOM Complete fast build kit with VENOM wing

    Bob, Wish you the best with the sale of the kit. That being said, I noticed my photos being used on your website some time ago. I get that you were trying to display what would be included in a kit, so I let it slide. Now that you are selling a kit, but using a photo of a different kit...
  3. Dudewanarace

    P85 completes Phase I flight testing with some questions

    Well, I think there are many small things that have been done that in total result in something that is waaay different than a stock Glasair III. Most things people don't even notice. No flaps, Wingtips, Carbon belly pan, Carbon gear doors with very cool linkage that works at 400 mph, no...
  4. Dudewanarace

    P85 completes Phase I flight testing with some questions

    If you think Jeff LaVelle's Glasair is anything like a regular Glasair III, you are mistaken. It is hardly a true sport plane anymore, but just as highly strung out as most of the NXT's. Ask me how I know..
  5. Dudewanarace

    Divergent Duct/Plenum for Maximum Manifold Pressure

    I own the Lancair and website referenced above. That airbox was done in the last minute cram to make the Reno air races so it is hardly ideal and more of a principle test. I'm working on a new box now that is designed in 3d and cfd tested, hopefully..
  6. Dudewanarace

    What are your sources for general/experimental aviation news? Just keep in mind it is pretty biased about some things.. KitPlanes is really the only magazine I still read.
  7. Dudewanarace

    Replacing Aluminum For Foam and Glass - RV Rudder

    I'm all for going faster, safer. But I'm sure you know about the rudder / vertical issues that have come up before. I personally know of a few related issues to the vertical on RV's that go faster than say 'normal'. In two cases, the vertical spar sheared in half. So with the bigger -8...
  8. Dudewanarace

    For Sale 4 into 1 Exhaust

    This is sort of an odd ball, but figured maybe it might work other applications. This 4 into 1 exhaust is removed from my Lancair 360 with 250 hours on it. This system would not work with my new cowling, thus it had to go. Nothing wrong mechanically speaking. Great power and sounds awesome...
  9. Dudewanarace

    interesting flyover yesterday

    I know this is a bit late, but I was flying chase for the formation to help 'dress' everyone.
  10. Dudewanarace

    Unleashed Reno Racer Fan Sponsor T-Shirt

    Thanks for the moderator input, and the YouTube comment. I wish more people would appropriate the time invested in planning, editing, encoding and uploading those videos. Thanks for supporting my position and mentioning a good point. First, if I was rich, defined however you want, I sure as...
  11. Dudewanarace

    Unleashed Reno Racer Fan Sponsor T-Shirt

    Thanks We generally spend the entire week talking airplanes with people, and I don't want to segregate others from the conversation. Not a big fan of the "VIP Only" stuff. Either way, I have just been posting everywhere I can to raise awareness. HBA and its users has never been receptive to...
  12. Dudewanarace

    Unleashed Reno Racer Fan Sponsor T-Shirt

    I run a Contour helmet/cockpit cam. That does have an HDMI out, and there is a way to broadcast that feed. The problem is the signal strength would have to be huge for it to work all the way around the track. I think that is the next big step for the air races, getting live feeds. They are...
  13. Dudewanarace

    Unleashed Reno Racer Fan Sponsor T-Shirt

    Nickathome, No, I don't think you understand, nor did you read any of my website, or see any of the other "Corporate Sponsor" options, or even LOOK at the airplane and its sponsors. It is all right there man. The major driving force behind ALL racing is capitalizing on an audience who is...
  14. Dudewanarace

    Unleashed Reno Racer Fan Sponsor T-Shirt

    Here is a video from my helmet cam last year. I edited it down to just the starts, as that is the most exciting part of the race, from the pilots point of view anyway. It includes all cockpit audio and the landings from each race. Notice we use a hot side / cold side runway operation. I was...
  15. Dudewanarace

    Unleashed Reno Racer Fan Sponsor T-Shirt

    HBA readers, I attempt to avoid spamming, but I figured everyone would enjoy a cool aviation T-Shirt! I will be racing my highly modified Lancair 360/400 at Reno again this year. To help cover the cost of racing, I offer a "Fan Sponsor" package that includes a cool T-Shirt with a new design...
  16. Dudewanarace

    Use of Plenums?

    I am cooling ~250 hp, CHT and OIL, on less than 20 square inches of inlet area. So, yes, plenums work. Baffle seals have terrible specs, read the NACA paper about it. If I remember correctly, something like 40% of the pressure is lost while using baffle seals. As for the inter-cylinder...
  17. Dudewanarace

    Lancair crash in santee, CA

    Well, just to clear up some things. Fuel has rarely been the cause of an accident in the Lancair aircraft. 90 out of 190 serious Lancair accidents have been because of loss of control of one form or another. Failure to fly the airplane. The other majority is engine related, leading to the...
  18. Dudewanarace

    The Iron Butt Award

    Here are a couple of facts about the flight: The Lancair IV falls into class C1d in the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale classification system. (landplane, internal combustion powered, 1500-3000 kg) Engine: Barrett IO-550 non-turbo, 10:1 pistons, oversized oil sump, GAMI injectors, mags...
  19. Dudewanarace

    Spin recovery techniques

    Speaking of spins, I found this little gem: I assume the engine quit because of fuel starvation caused by the centrifugal force..
  20. Dudewanarace

    Twin Fuse Race Plane

    You don't have to hang around the Reno Air Races very long to see a Falconer have problems... Just sayin (Rapid Travel comes to mind..) At the same time, you don't have to hang around long to see a Continental or Lycoming bite the dust either. Blowing things up is a biproduct of pushing...