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    carb adjustments for Mosler CB-40 on a Mini Max

    I have a recently completed Mini Max and acquired a Mosler CB-40 engine for it from a Canadian seller. I am now at the point of determining the condition of the used engine. With a very knowledgeable helper/guide/a&p, we got the engine fired up today after it had not run in two years. Took a...
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    For Sale Newlyl completed Mini Max, trailer, cover

    Flat top Mini Max with Mosler CB-40 half vw type engine, custom converted pop top camper trailer for the Max, and a sunbrella airplance cover for the Max. $4500. Just completed, planning to have test pilot wring it out, then would consider selling: the Max, the Max and the trailer, the Max and...
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    Complete build plans/prints/manual for Freebird Aviation Sportlite 103 U/L

    Just finished my second complete build, first was Fisher Flying Products Dakota Hawk, second was Mini Max, wanted to start another project while wringing out the Mini Max, so did a lot of research on what plans build u/l might be available, not a lot of choices, the Sportlite 103 seemed to fit...
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    Sportlite 103 ultralight

    Hi I am a fairly experienced builder but have worked primarily in wood and fabric a/c, couple of complete builds, several partial builds. My only experience in tube and fabric is assisting in a Challenger II build. I just finished a Mini Max that I hoped I could make with easy, one man...