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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    Check out the Beaverton Outlaws on YouTube and hear about the grass roots of private aviation, some of the earliest dealings with the Federal Aviation authorities in the 1930's, and a story about someone looping the bridge in Longview Washington and getting heat from the CAA. Very cool stuff!
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    A4 c skyhawk restoration

    A4's already have probably one of the longest gear legs on any aircraft, or so it seems. All agree? I wouldn't consider putting a prop on an A4. Thanks for the thought anyways. I can use all the help and input I can get.
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    A4 c skyhawk restoration

    Hey folks! First time chiming in here, I heard Yellowhammer liked A4's so much he wanted to design a scaled version; Well I've been dreaming that dream since the early eighties and have re-kindled the thought lately, so now It seems that I've found kindred souls and decided to join the chat...