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  1. Dudewanarace

    For Sale 4 into 1 Exhaust

    This is sort of an odd ball, but figured maybe it might work other applications. This 4 into 1 exhaust is removed from my Lancair 360 with 250 hours on it. This system would not work with my new cowling, thus it had to go. Nothing wrong mechanically speaking. Great power and sounds awesome...
  2. Dudewanarace

    Unleashed Reno Racer Fan Sponsor T-Shirt

    HBA readers, I attempt to avoid spamming, but I figured everyone would enjoy a cool aviation T-Shirt! I will be racing my highly modified Lancair 360/400 at Reno again this year. To help cover the cost of racing, I offer a "Fan Sponsor" package that includes a cool T-Shirt with a new design...
  3. Dudewanarace

    Unleashed Air Racing Fan Sponsor Program (T-Shirts)

    I haven't posted much here on Homebuilt Airplanes as I have been very busy on my airplane. Part of air racing at the Reno Air Races is to include the many fans that want to be as much a part of racing as you do. So, each year I do a "Fan Sponsor" program. $40 gets you the coolest air race...
  4. Dudewanarace

    Radial Rocket Reno Video

    Some video I edited from the 2011 Reno Air Races.. Be sure to go 720 quality! Enjoy
  5. Dudewanarace

    Radial Rocket Fan Sponsor Program (T-Shirts)

    It is that time again! Reno Air Races just around the corner. All the cool kids will have their Radial Rocket T-Shirts, so should you! Order before Aug 30th to get them by Reno. Info Here: Radial Rocket Fan Sponsorship Thanks!
  6. Dudewanarace

    For Sale V8 Legend Kit $42,500

    This is an original Legend kit, before they were all converted to Turbine Legends. It has a cowl and engine mount for a V8, and a Geschwender 2:1 PSRU. All carbon airframe built for 1000 hp and 500 mph Vne. Custom radiator installed in P-51 style scoop. Front and rear spars installed in carbon...
  7. Dudewanarace

    Radial Rocket RG Flight Test Video

    Here is some video we shot during some of the flight tests we have been doing over the last week. Sorry it isn't HD, this was an old camera..
  8. Dudewanarace

    Radial Rocket RG Video

    Just finished the first retract of the gear on the new Radial Rocket prototype. Check out the video: All Hydraulic Electromagnetic Up-Locks Free-Fall Emergency Extension with Gas Strut Over-Center Locks 5 Second Retract Time This system is very simple, yet VERY strong. Everything is over...
  9. Dudewanarace

    Radial Rocket Promo Video + RG stuff

    Also now available as a tricycle retract. Prototype should fly in a few weeks. 4 blade MT prop, looks sweet!
  10. Dudewanarace

    Unleashed Reno Racer, Fan Sponsor, 5 days left!

    Unleashed Air Racing Team has only 5 days left for you to sign up as a Fan Sponsor! Have you wanted to help a team get to Reno? Don't want to send in money for "just a t-shirt?" Check out the entry form and find out what you'll get as a sponsor of Unleashed... Who knows; maybe you'll be the one...
  11. Dudewanarace

    Radial Rocket Composite Aircraft

    Hello everyone, this is my first post at I have been looking for places to market this aircraft. Seems many people don't know much about it, trying to spread the word. We have a new Demo Radial Rocket in the works, so the old Demo is now available for sale. If you don't...