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  1. Tiger Tim

    Restoration of old wood wings.

    IMO condition is more important than age when it comes to wood. Remember that even a ‘brand new’ piece of wood is cut from a 100+ year old tree. As far as assessing what you’ve got I’m not much help but I can definitely tell you to just do one wing at a time using the other one as an example.
  2. Tiger Tim

    Engine failure turn back.

    When I used to fly winch launched Schweizer 2-33s (yeah, short flights) a 180 was never an option on a cable break. If we had enough runway ahead we’d land straight ahead, if not we’d do a 360 degree turn to burn altitude and land ahead. In our case there was never a place for cable break...
  3. Tiger Tim

    Hey - why is no one build Heath Parasols anymore???

    One hinderance to building a Heath Parasol is the number of variations introduced over the ten-odd years they were originally available. I’m no expert but IIRC there were plans available to scratch build and substantially better aircraft available from the factory as kits or to fly-away. This...
  4. Tiger Tim

    Treated wood could be as strong as CF?

    That’s neat. While obviously not quite the same, the root ends of MT propeller blades go through a process of being compressed to what they call a plasticized state and I believe also impregnated with some sort of resin down to a cellular level.
  5. Tiger Tim


    Percy I’m reading you five by five.
  6. Tiger Tim

    Optimizing fairings for local airflow

    IIRC wrong isn’t quite the correct thing to call the FAA but they do recklessly oversimplify with that diagram. I suppose it’s sort of akin to circulation theory around an airfoil. The air doesn’t really flow backwards under the wing, it’s just a way to visualize what’s going on without the...
  7. Tiger Tim

    Name that tiny airplane

    Too bad wood is so expensive this year, I kind of want to build one just to hang from the ceiling.
  8. Tiger Tim

    Name that tiny airplane

    I wonder if that’s taxable horsepower, a number that was often manipulated into being artificially low to save money.
  9. Tiger Tim

    How much power do you lose with carb heat?

    I’ll have to seek him out, thanks. My basic reasoning on ‘always hot’ was to remove a variable in the proving of this engine installation. As far as I know the details of this conversion are currently one of a kind, though there ought to be enough parts in the world to do at least three of...
  10. Tiger Tim

    Very low aspect ratio planes?

    If we’re going to get into fantasy flying saucers, I’ve always had a soft spot for this little hot rod
  11. Tiger Tim

    Name that tiny airplane

    I’ve since learned that the Ca.90 was the largest airplane in the world at the time which makes me wonder if maybe the little guy was touted as the smallest.
  12. Tiger Tim

    Name that tiny airplane

    I bet the Swift is the stuff of a lot of our fantasies, so it only makes sense that everybody would want their own: (also not a real Comper Swift)
  13. Tiger Tim

    P-51C at ~70% scale as ultralight?

    Using the Hummel Ultracruiser as a start, would it be feasible to leave the lion’s share of the wing alone but make tapered ailerons/flaps? That way the spars and ribs stay unchanged (and un-tapered for simplicity) but the wing planform is a little more Mustang-y than the Hummel’s Hershey bar wing.
  14. Tiger Tim

    Name that tiny airplane

    It’s not. Looks to be even smaller than a Swift and unless I’m missing something has a cantilever wing.
  15. Tiger Tim

    Name that tiny airplane

    Found this in a book today. The Caption says Caproni Ca.90, which is the big one, but what’s the tiny airplane that’s somehow pulling off being smaller and cuter than a Comper Swift?
  16. Tiger Tim

    For those with an interest in the Goodyear inflatoplane.

    You may have to fire up your time machine to get an answer, that post was made in 2008 when Yahoo groups were a big deal. I think at the time one of the big advantages was community file hosting in a way that little if any forum software could compete with. Yahoo shut down and deleted all of...
  17. Tiger Tim

    Drivetrain Power Loss

    There are two ways to be the smartest person in the room, the easier one being to make everyone else leave.
  18. Tiger Tim

    A solution looking for a problem

    Just think, you could buy a written off Cirrus or Lancair for cheap, cast concrete moulds, and KABLAM! have a cheap metal knockoff...
  19. Tiger Tim

    "SkyWing" hybrid wing body ultralight

    Allen, that’s an interesting project you have going there. Is your scale mock-up going to fly? I hope so, as I think there’s a lot to be learned from it especially when you’ve come up with such an original design. When you do fly it please fly it lots in many different weight configurations...
  20. Tiger Tim

    Naming Your Mags

    Follow up: I’m going with left and right in reference to the airframe. This should make basic troubleshooting easier since it will be plainly simple to physically point to which one is acting up. I see no significant procedural or safety reasons not to do I think this way. Thanks to everyone...