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    FAA Approves First Commercial Fully Autonomous Drone The Wall Street Journal reports of the new approval: In particular its Scout drones will "operate under predetermined flight programs and use acoustic technology to detect and avoid...
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    SN8 flies - and lands with a bang

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    Presurization - Whats it take ?

    All the talk about the Raptor being nothing but a Velocity with pressurization got me wondering what it takes to properly pressurize a home built plane. Would it be possible to pressurize a Velocity ? What kind of modifications did it take to pressurize the Lancair IV ? There's very little to...
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    Open VSP post 20 hrs of online webinar How To Videos

    Lots of great info. All uploaded in the last 2 weeks. Looks like they're are working hard on a How To instructional online manual as well. Found a list of topics by webinar in their webpage Tuesday, September 15, 2020: Session...
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    How did Beechcraft get those butter smooth controls ?

    I've always wondered what Beechcraft's special sauce was for their not just well balanced and harmonized controls, but the butter smoothness of them as well. Every Bonanza and Baron I've had the pleasure to fly felt the same and I'm told the KingAir's do too. Was there something special they did...
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    Criminal law against flying without license ?

    Had conversation with non-pilot friend and story came up about how he knew someone when he was kid the flew for years and years with never having gotten a PPL. Conversation turned to what would they do to you if you got caught and that stumped me. Obviously the FAA can ban you for life from ever...
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    How to do what I want without using a 3LS design ?

    In the initial design conception of a homebuilt project I want to start. Concept: 2 person twin engine side by side with easy egress, e.g. Velocity / Cessna single, and a hard core approach to flight safety and operations. We can argue all day about 1 engine vs 2 engine. I want 2 engines when...
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    Rotax hybrid generator system Couple of interesting goodies on that page. 1. Rotax 915is now has a control box that will automatically control prop governor and mixture for true single lever FADEC control .... and it will now...
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    Diamond shows off new Continental Diesel DA 50-RG

    "180kts on 10-12gph"
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    Surfaces 2.8 - Aircraft design and analysis software

    Anyone heard of and/or used Surfaces 2.8 design and analysis software ? Thoughts ? Comments ? Thinking of buying it, but it's not cheap at $750 for the "homebuilder" version and $3,750 for Pro Seems like an...
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    Turbine Twin Velocity I knew the plane had been under development for years now with the plan to use a pair of 260hp PBS turbo-shaft engines. Nice to see the new updated website has a page dedicated to it showing a good bit of progress. Not sure I think...
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    Using every inch of runway

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    Air Cam / CH-750 love child ....

    Dreaming of a plane I think I might be able to someday pursue depending on yalls feedback. 1. Love the Air Cam - perfect slow flight twin ... but not thrilled with the flying canoe cockpit 2. Love the CH 750- simple, all metal, ugly but dang if it doesnt just flat out work. The Dream. Take the...
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    Three Surface vs Canard (Two Surface) Discussion

    I'm pretty sure the Avanti has some kind of syncronized flap system on both the main wing and it's front lifting surface.
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    3D print exhaust headers and manifolds coming soon ?

    Interesting stuff .... - HRL creates ultra-strong, flawless 3D printed ceramics, resistant to temperatures of 1,400+ degrees | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News
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    CH 750 upgrade ideas - feed back please

    So, I've got it in my head I'm going to build a CH 750 and change some of things I dont like about it and looking for some knowledgeable feed back. Slow and steady and do lots of research on how to do what I want before starting 1.) figure ways of shedding weight without changing the design 2.)...