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  1. PTAirco

    Mountain plane

    Somehow flying over that kind of terrain would freak me out. I wouldn't be able to enjoy it, when any engine problem has a better than average chance of wrecking your airplane and your flimsy body. I remember the first time I flew over the Midwest, how relaxing it was: any engine failure and...
  2. PTAirco

    Stewart Systems Alternates/substitutes

    I have seen countless examples of polyurethane finishes on fabric that have cracked over just a few years. Even those with "flex agents" added. From early 80's Imron to whatever it was that Aviat puts on Huskies now. As long as you don't touch it and it doesn't move it won't crack, sure. But...
  3. PTAirco

    Compression member location?

    On Citabrias, for example, the wing root compression member is left out. And while the fuselage tubes and fittings will do that job, it's very annoying when you try to assemble it. You have to leave the drag wires loose in the root bay or you'll compress the spars together and they won't line...
  4. PTAirco

    Flying illegally!

    Not sure where you get your uninformed, biased opinions on "Europe" . You can't make statements about legalities in Europe; maybe you're aware that Europe isn't a single country? And in the US they don't want your tax money? I get taxed plenty here but unlike "Europe" I get very little benefit...
  5. PTAirco

    Restoration tips and tricks

    Ah motorcycles restoration... seem so much easier than airplanes. Everything is small and all you need is a little shed and most things are cheap. Broom closet for a paint room. No regulations to speak of...
  6. PTAirco

    This how airbus wings attach to fuselage

    Most light aircraft though don't seem to rely on any clamping force. Look at a typical strut or wing root attachment on a Cub or Aeronca. If you tried to apply any clamping force you'd mash the fittings. Also with the normal deflection of spars under load, if the root bolts on a strut braced...
  7. PTAirco

    Surface paint - is orange peel a bad thing?

    I have often wondered how modern car manufactures get away with the horrible orange peel on every car now. They look smooth and shiny from a few feet away but get closer under some bright lights and it's nothing but orange peel, even on some high end cars.
  8. PTAirco

    mixing build methods.

    I've always had an irrational dislike for mixing materials and methods in an aircraft design. For one thing, you'll need different tools and different skills and maybe even different workshop conditions. Just complicates matters, during construction and later during maintenance. I get that...
  9. PTAirco

    Chemical Exposure Discussion

    One routinely used protective thing in my workshop is barrier cream. I love the stuff. When doing fabric work, it's sometimes impossible to work with gloves (though I try to whenever I can). Supposedly it's pretty good at keeping ketones out of your skin. I reapply several times a day. The best...
  10. PTAirco

    D-tube connection to fuselage

    That's one way to do it. Most other designs use a stout root rib and all the loads from the D-box get transferred to that and get picked up by the rear spar root fitting.
  11. PTAirco

    Equatorial snowbird aviation life

    The idea of living in two places certainly appeals to me to. Waaay back I had dreams of designing and building some kind of two seat ultralight and flying people off beaches somewhere, to earn a living in the nicest possible way I could think of. I had a thick folder of info from all the...
  12. PTAirco

    Do I need to seal this hole on fabric covering? If so, how?

    Yes. People have died like this. Small tears turn into big tears and suddenly it's gone and you have no control.. Yes, It's an ultralight, but I would still rib stitch. That little thing would take a couple of hours, no more, so do it.
  13. PTAirco

    rivet ??s

    Get a rivet squeezer. Much easier than bucking and you can do it on your own. There are likely very few places where you can't get at with a rivet squeezer in that type of structure.
  14. PTAirco

    Air racing...could it become a bigger sport ?

    Racing ...yaaaawwwn. Let's come up with a form of aerial combat. Laser guns and receivers designed to mimic bullet trajectories etc so you need to allow for proper deflection and lead. Truly the sport of kings.
  15. PTAirco

    Dream workshop?

    Like most homebuilders I like to experiment and try different methods for structures. I also know know that what's been done before many times usually works bets but it's not always the the best for a particular set of requirements or budget. In the US 2x4 stick built houses predominate not...
  16. PTAirco

    Dream workshop?

    That's a cool looking structure. I'm thinking I'll have to get friendly with a civil engineer too, that looks to be the easiest route. I am certainly not opposed to building a safe and strong structure (mine actually exceeds the required loads by a good margin, about 30%) but they certainly...
  17. PTAirco

    Dream workshop?

    I may well be building not just a shop but a hangar in the deepest desert, in the foreseeable future. 30 minutes flight to the heart of Death Valley. My main considerations are insulation and budget. It gets stupidly hot and it gets moderately cold, although it never snows and hardly rains. I...
  18. PTAirco

    Anyone view this site without ad blockers?

    I've never seen an ad on this site. Tablet or phone or desktop. How hard can it be to block ads? Easier than complaining about it at length.
  19. PTAirco

    Moment of inertia of Carlson spars

    Wouldn't there be greater liability on not publishing the numbers? Regardless, I have them now. Thanks everybody.
  20. PTAirco

    Moment of inertia of Carlson spars

    The On-shape file had all the numbers I needed, thanks a lot. Found a couple of sizes that work perfectly for my purpose.