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    Build supplies under the clouds

    The randomness of internet: 99% sure it's these guys Nervous System’s quest for the best laser-cutting plywood
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    A solution looking for a problem

    ha! that's when you realize youtube is scary: it just show the same videos to everybody, as I've also watched them and thought 'you could probably shape a fuselage in one shot with this' ;)
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    Trailerable Single Seater

    Fiy and iirc, it's a non flying real size mock up of this ingenious man idea. I believe he is not an engineer and was looking on the french ulm forum for help to calculate the wing structure.
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    Lightning Bug for sale

    Arg one of my favorite airplane at a price I could afford, unfortunatly I'm living on the wrong side of the atlantic... Good luck with the sale and I hope we will see it fly again !
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    Making a flexible sanding spline... need some input

    Link to thread if like me, you are interested and missed it: How I am building a fuselage mould. Any update on your project?
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    What's up at Bede Aircraft?

    How exactly do you abrade with adhesive??
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    What's up at Bede Aircraft?

    The bd-6 is the high wing single seat, I believe it's the bd-17 : BD -17 | Bedecorp
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    What's up at Bede Aircraft?

    Yes! Did i understood correctly that the bd-10 displayed here flew 126 hours? I always read it was flawed and not really airworthy?
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    LS-3 Powered Velocity

    Aww bummer, it looked and sounded insane. What is the psru used then? I always assumed it was a good one since you were involved...
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    Ercoupe for Percy

    So much want in this one! Low wing on float just scream Schneider cup, way way cool!
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    Could you put together an automotive pusher power plant mostly off-the-shelf?

    You mean like this ls3 velocity? Not a pusher but an actual diesel "for the people" (so 10k$ not 130k$), the cleanest conversion i've seen so far, by a Peugeot mechanic:
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    Planning the adventure of a lifetime and hello from Germany!

    Question from this non-american : flying a part 103 ultralight without a license is not privilege limited to u.s citizen? It feels a bit crazy that any tourists can visit your country and fly around without any supervision whatsoever
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    Terrafugia get FAA SLSA certificate

    Or a rv10 with a "motopod" to keep the hba spirit? I remember a pa-32 with a motorcycle in the back too, can't remember if its the same guys. Edit: yes same guys MotoPOD LLC – Innovative Aircraft Accessories
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    plans build amphibious aircraft

    It's a dream of mine to build a replica (and partly why i'm here) but it feels like a tall order for this not-mechanical engineer. From what i've gathered, the RC version are not really well flying as well, just in case structural design wasn't enough, you have to find a stable configuration...
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    Double Eagle or other alternative cheap and easy builds

    I don't know about Macedonia, but EASA mostly deal with everything that is regulated (cs-23 and up. It's an agency created to certify airbuses afterall). Homebuilt and microlight are typically regulated on a national level, so not sure if the european laws can help him. With the 600kg light...
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    The Janowski Project - Rethinking the J1B/J2/J3

    Nice spar! looks a bit like here: REALISATION LONGERON | MAGIC 2 Buy a roll of 0.5mm (wonder if 1mm would be rollable enought) pultrusion from alibaba (like Rol Klingberg for his wing) and don't pay a fortune for shipping (or even, in an international context, just finding) spruce!
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    Hello from an aspiring pilot and experienced DIYer

    Pssst ? You're looking for a scratch build, cheap (10K€, sorry...), with a proven automotive engine ? Have a look at the french gaz'aile ;) Gaz'aile 2
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    wood single surface wings

    I'm pretty sure that windsurfers and kitesurfers use single surface foils ;) It's been tried (two surface foils) but it's always not worth it apparently (weight vs drag). Event racing sail boats don't use two surface foils.
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    For Sale Sonerai IIL, Midget Mustang I, GP4 Plans

    Wow what a deal! I suppose that sending them overseas is too much of an hassle? Would love to have them all, perfect trio!
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    Subaru running on LPG

    If you use a liquid cooled engine, use the heat to keep the tank warm and the engine cold? And with multiple size carbon fiber cylinders that approximate an airfoil, the tanks could make one hella strong wing?