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  1. Mad MAC

    ANC Documents

    I am a bit of a data pack rat. Does any body have copies of the missing ANC doc's below or know what the missing documents are (yes they are likely mostly obsolete but they are still an interesting read). Number Title Became ANC-1 (1) Spanwise Air Load Distribution - Navy...
  2. Mad MAC

    Just when you thought FAR23 & the ASTM requirements were all sorted.

    This months Abbott aerospace newsletter has a interesting article on the current state of play with FAR23. The FAA issued an Accepted Means of Compliance with this in it: "However, for means of compliance identified in the following list, Aircraft Type Code compliance matrix tables, which...
  3. Mad MAC

    Scratch Built Radials

    I am sure there was a thread about building radials with motorcycle cylinders (can't find it) but it was a bit short on actual working examples. Here's two by a kiwi Russell Sutton (possibly slightly mad he spent 25 years in WA). the 9 cylinder...
  4. Mad MAC

    Gnome Engine Development

    Interesting blog post about CAMS development of a modern Gnome Engine Plenty of detail pics here
  5. Mad MAC

    Factory Tours

    For all the discussion here on how to build aircraft on here, there doesn't appear to be a dedicated thread to factory tour videos and photos, so here it is. Please keep it to GA / Experimental and smaller if possible Vans tour by kitplanes Avweb's Mooney Tour Flying Mag...
  6. Mad MAC

    Article Series on the details of FEA on Composite structures

    Been meaning to post this for a while, Abbott Aerospace seem to be quite busy in the some what more exotic end of the civilian aerospace market
  7. Mad MAC

    Lord Dynafocal Engine Mounts Data

    I am on the hunt for data on the Lord Dyna focal mounts (particularly IO-540 but beggers can't be choosers plus one can never have too much data). So far I have found There is also the attached PDF which is interesting...
  8. Mad MAC

    Source data for Raymers Weight Estimations

    For these that haven't found them. Raymer has put the orginating reports for weight Estimation method on his web site. Looks like an interesting data set
  9. Mad MAC

    What are you replacing Draftsight with

    For those that haven't seen free Draftsight drops dead at the end of the year (the software will terminate its self). For those that have discovered this what are you going to replace it with? Admins: it would help if we had somewhere just for software discussions
  10. Mad MAC

    Kitplanes article index

    Does any one know of a good searchable index for Kitplane articles? The search function on the Kitplanes site is horrible in that one can't see a synopsis of the search results. I see the cozy builders website has an index but that stops in the 90's
  11. Mad MAC

    Automatic Riveting & Slug Rivets

    Has anyone had much to do with automatic riveting machines? I am curious to know do they de-burr holes at the interfacing surfaces or do they manage to control the process to eliminate the requirement. Why am I asking well the paper below pages 43 to 46 covers the benefits of various riveting...
  12. Mad MAC

    Prop / body effects

    Hi all Well this is a work related question but haven't gotten much of a response else where so I thought will post it here. I am trying to estimate the losses due to propeller / body interaction effects without resorting to CDF. I am currently using the method out from “Standard...