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  1. timberwolf8199

    Improving fuselage shape

    Sounds to me like someone is trying to apply area ruling to subsonic flight...which isn't bad thinking as it will have some limited translation, but the size of the gains will be negligible in most GA (low speed) aircraft and remain small even in higher speed models until you start approaching...
  2. timberwolf8199

    OK which one of us did this?

    “I didn’t do it...nobody saw me do can’t prove a thing!”
  3. timberwolf8199

    Using truck diesels for Beaver-type large Bush planes. Perfect match?

    What about some of the smaller diesels out there now? I don't know much about them but I've heard claim on the internet that the new ford 3.0L can produce 350 hp and 600 lbft with a weight under 600lbs (505 lbs for engine w/ oil, plus coolant, etc). Supposedly possible with just an emissions...
  4. timberwolf8199

    Turbo 4cyl build thoughts

    The dyno is measuring maximum power. So unless your foot was glued to the floor at 5500rpm, you weren't using 115hp. RPM is linked directly, via the transmission, to speed while power is a result of load/torque required. If you hitch a light trailer with a beavertail gate on it (essentially a...
  5. timberwolf8199

    Crashes in the News - Thread

    I work with a flat earther. When I first found out, I was excited because I thought similar to bmcj...that is, that he was a conspiracy theorist with whom it would be fun to have some lively debates. It became clear after a very short time that there was more to it than that. He is a true...
  6. timberwolf8199

    How did you hear about HBA?

    Somebody had given me a subscription to Popular Mechanics and I read an article that mentioned this forum.
  7. timberwolf8199

    Users on line dropped

    I too have noticed a change in the discussions since we lost him. Me too...I think we all do. However, that's one of the things that I think changed. I remember getting pulled into reading discussions previously simply because of the level of knowledge being provided; topics that were not...
  8. timberwolf8199

    Delorean Aerospace

    Claims 2 and 3 in the patent they reference state that the centers of pressure for the fans are above the cg and that the fans can be rotated side to side as well as fore and aft.
  9. timberwolf8199

    Hazard's of building

    We had two of those and they were glorious! We mounted them above an injection molding machine to trim the product. They left a clean cut, and had a higher throughput than anything else. When it was running full capacity they were quite something to watch; twin rooster tails of plastic landing...
  10. timberwolf8199

    Caution:. Wake turbulence

    I'm well aware. I only recently upgraded to a large bike. For the past 12 years I've been riding a little 500cc Honda for my daily commuter.
  11. timberwolf8199

    Caution:. Wake turbulence

    In college my roommate (also an aero engineering major) told me that drafting only worked at high speeds such as in racecars. That you would never notice a wake at legal speeds. I laughed heartily. Then I realized he was serious. I expressed my disagreement in a less derisive manner. He refused...
  12. timberwolf8199

    Flying career for daughter

    I had a young man in my church who made similar comments. I asked him at the time if he was sure that he wanted to be a pilot for his profession or if it would be better to keep it as a hobby. He was determined he did and went to Florida for school. After one semester he was back and had decided...
  13. timberwolf8199

    ...way to go Cubs!

    I don't know, why do they call it miss Universe when only people from the earth compete?
  14. timberwolf8199

    An argument in favor of multi-engine design

    I've often thought that a P-38 built in reverse would be an interesting ride. That is, push-pull engines on the center pod and cockpits on the booms. Unfortunately the separation of passenger from pilot is not likely to be popular and asymmetric loading for pilot only operation have always...
  15. timberwolf8199

    Discussion Thread: The design of a tailless flying wing

    Re: Visualizing vortex and downwash I have found this theory/topic interesting and yet somewhat frustrating as well. The observation and theory are both centered on the elimination of a tail. That is, a vertical tail...and yet the immediate thrust has been towards empennage-less designs...
  16. timberwolf8199

    Size of forming block; how big?

    I'm pretty sure SVSUSteve just had a conniption.
  17. timberwolf8199

    There is no like (button)

    If you've been there, there's little question: the building itself has China written all over it. ...but what city/area? You said inland so now I'm curious how far. Most of my dealings have kept me in the general vicinity of Shanghai/Changzhou/Wuxi though I occasionally make it north to...
  18. timberwolf8199

    A very clever trailer. It sure will inspire me.

    True but it looks fairly light. True, when the wings are extended. The only time this happens is when you are loading/unloading. With the wings folded the CG will move towards the front of the trailer. Based on the detail and execution of the rest of it...I'd agree. The designer probably...
  19. timberwolf8199

    Pilots and cataracts

    The key is to get polarized lenses...regardless of the level of tinting.
  20. timberwolf8199

    How to Balance Tires

    That's ok....somehow "they" have concluded that fish aren't meat. Only Vegans care about fish.