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  1. FritzW

    60 Years of Popular Mechanics saved from the dump

    I manged to score every edition of Popular Mechanics from the 30's through the 90's that were headed to the dump today. ...why couldn't I have found these during all the covid nonsense when I needed something to read. ;) This is going to be fun...
  2. FritzW

    Waterjet cutting at home

    The world of home/small business waterjet is closer than I thought. One of the local high schools (the one building the Baby Ace that so many HBA members donated parts and supplies for) got a *grant from the state to purchase a Wazer waterjet cutter. I can see this machine saving the...
  3. FritzW

    ...any one you can walk away from

    I managed to bend our chapter Waiex up a little this afternoon :( I lost the engine at about 200' AGL over the departure end on the runway on takeoff. Fortunately I had enough time to pick a pretty decent place to put it down. At a minimum it's going to need new gear legs and a lot of work on...
  4. FritzW

    T&G Valkyrie (sort of a 3/4 scale Fi-156 Storch)

    This idea violates the simplicity rule for the T&G thread so I'll post it here. All the recent talk about tube and gusset got me spooled up a little so I dusted off an old idea for a scale(ish) Fieseler Fi-156. Originally it was going to be all wood but that make the bird cage a bit tricky...
  5. FritzW

    A proper UAV

    I'm helping some of the NMSU Capstone students cut a mold for a UAV they want to build (I have the closest free CNC machine for them to use) The UAV is probably going to do something very important (roll eyes) like see what effect butterfly flatulence has on the Ozone layer. The mold is a no...
  6. FritzW


    A (mostly) 3D printed rotary 4th. axis with a pass-through collet that can handle 2 1/2" diameter tubes. >>The biggest cheap chinese ebay 4th. axis setups can only take (through the chuck) < 3/4" tubes.<< It's not ready to print yet, still have some details to sort out, but all the heavy CAD...
  7. FritzW

    For Sale (or trade) E-Racer project

    Just picked this up today. If there are any E-Racer fans looking for a good start let me know. It's in Las Cruces, NM and the price is veeeery negotiable. (I need to get it out of the Hangar pretty quick).
  8. FritzW

    3D printing in the Homebuilt world.

    ...just a thread to collect all the 3D printing jibber jabber and to keep it off the respectable threads
  9. FritzW

    3D printer ...near disaster

    EDIT: just a reminder that any power tool can bite you if your not careful. After a couple of years and many hundred of hours of print time the hot end heater and thermistor on the hot end of my low budget printer came loose and started flailing around on the print bed. And with the thermistor...
  10. FritzW

    the Binford Clamp-O-Matic 5000

    Since my "clamp-less" Ranger project is taking every clamp I can find... :oops: The 'clecoed wood' idea is working out great for aligning the parts but they're not supplying enough clamping pressure (some do, some don't, it's not reliable). So I came up with some quick and dirty clamps that...
  11. FritzW

    Going from virtual parts to real parts

    Because this is becoming an issue I thought I'd post a little "how to" on taking CAD models or DXF's and making cutting files out of them. There are lots of ways to go from a CAD model to a finished part. The easiest way is to just be patient and let someone else make them ;) I use SolidWorks...
  12. FritzW

    Ranger, open source ultralight (I hope)

    There's some recent discussion and details about the airplane on the Ranger Thread The idea for this one started a few years ago. Back then it was the Columbus Explorer (named after the town in New Mexico, not Christopher) but the name was too awkward. It started out sheetmetal, then foam and...
  13. FritzW

    Mystery 2 stroke?

    I ran across a pile of 2 stroke parts. Does anyone know what engine(s) they belong to?
  14. FritzW

    Vintage Aircraft Association magazine online

    It looks like the VAA magazine is online now and you don't have to be a member to view it (as far as I can tell).
  15. FritzW

    Cut case 1/2 VW oil drain?

    With a cut case how do you handle the oil drain plug and the oil screen? ...I've duckduckgo'd to the end of the internet and couldn't find out how it's done. P.S. I'm not looking for a debate on full case vs. cut case, I just need to know what happens to the drain plug and oil screen when you...
  16. FritzW

    Printing an unobtainable part for a wood planer.

    The thickness adjustment handle on my wood planer broke a few weeks ago and there are absolutely none available on the interweb. I need to plane down some stock for the 'sticks' on the Ranger and I'd hate to use vice-grips to set the thickness on the planer (all the TV's we had growing up had...
  17. FritzW

    VP-1 Templates, G Code and SolidWorks files

    This will save me some email stamps in the future ;) NOTE: These AREN'T VP-1 plans. They're just files that make it easier to build part of a VP-1. These files won't do any good without the plans. Here's a set of VP-1 G code, SolidWorks files, DXF's and templates for most of the 1/4" parts...
  18. FritzW

    Clever Cygnet panel

    Matt sent me a picture of his Cygnet panel this morning. I thought it was a particularly clever way to make a really pretty panel. ...much nicer than the 1970's clicky tape embosser I use ;) I don't know if it's laser etched or router engraved but it sure came out nice. I wonder if you...
  19. FritzW

    Free VP-2 Fuselage, rudder and stabilator

    (I gotta make room in my hangar) Free to a good home. Pick up only, Las Cruces, NM KLRU The fuselage sides are a little non-standard, the builder was building it with a cabin but it would be very simple to put it back to "per the plans". Mahogany ply with Spruce longerons, all T-88 glue.
  20. FritzW

    For Sale Fisher 404 and Hummel H5 project

    I'm helping a friend clean out his hangar to make room for his new Sonex. ...and I don't have room for them. EDIT: I'll take more pictures if anyone's interested Fisher 404 $500 as is, where is (Las Cruces, NM) I'd bet the price is very negotiable. >It has wings, I just forgot to take a...