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  1. radfordc

    A practical UL trainer....or not? Aeromarine’s Electrolite Part 103-compliant ultralight combines electric propulsion and full fly-by-wire to provide a remote piloting capability intended to make flight instruction possible. Conceived...
  2. radfordc

    Collection of Historic Aircraft, Cockpits, Parts, WW1 Ultralights To Be Auctioned
  3. radfordc

    When did the EAA become money grubbing bullies? Half the businesses in Oshkosh use "Airventure" in there advertising during the show. Sue them all?
  4. radfordc

    A different view of flight safety.

    This should be a must watch for everyone!
  5. radfordc

    Nice experimental Corsair

    I happened to see this plane show up in a video that a friend posted. The N number is listed as: 2015 DENNIS ROBINSON/TIM SERATT CORSAIR ROGERS , AR, US LYCOMING O-320-E2G It's a WAR design. Anyone familiar with it?
  6. radfordc

    Let's go fly a drone! What could possibly go wrong?
  7. radfordc

    4130 tang tensile strength

    Guys, I have a question about a part that I need for my Eindecker replica. I am replacing the wing wires and need a steel tang to terminate the wires. The steel tang is 3" x .63" x .090. There is a 1/4" hole at each end of the tang with the hole center .315 from the edge of the tang...
  8. radfordc

    6061 vs 2024

    We're having a discussion on the MiniMax list about whether you can/should substitute 6061-T6 for 2024-T3 in a specific application. Here's the question: "Plans for the tandem Airbike call for the root and strut fittings to be made from aluminum bar 3/16 by 3/4 from 2024 T4. I already have...
  9. radfordc

    LAM Aileron

    What do you think of the new LAM aileron as discussed in this month's issue of Sport Aviation magazine? Cruise speed 12-16 kts faster, fuel burn 30% less, increased useful load, rate of climb increased 40%, spin resistance with easy spin recovery. How does the concept of an "Easy Button" in...
  10. radfordc

    Do I need a transponder?

    I have just finished building an Eindecker EIII replica with a Rotax 503 engine. Originally, I hooked up the engine alternator to a regulator/rectifier and used that to charge the onboard battery. My DAR questioned whether this was legal for flight inside the Mode C veil area. The FAR says...
  11. radfordc

    Fokker E III replica

    My friend and I just finished our Aerodrome Aeroplanes Fokker replica. Rotax 503 engine, 350 lb. empty. Waiting for the DAR to inspect.
  12. radfordc

    New Design - Onex

    Have you seen the latest design concept from Sonex LLC...the Onex, pronounced One-X, as in a single place airplane. Promises to offer much of what seems to be asked for by LSA, inexpensive, good speed, fully aerobatic, lands at <50 mph, and the wings fold in minutes by one person...
  13. radfordc

    Part 103 discussion

    Chuck Slusarczyk who makes the CGS Hawk told me this story. When the FAA was considering Part 103 rules they asked for input from the major UL manufactuers. Lyle Byrum of Quicksilver lobbied hard for the 254 weight restriction. Why...because that's what he thought a Quicksilver could weigh and...