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    Wanted Need a Tach

    looking for a mechanical tach for 065 continental with drive cable
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    Wanted Looking for a prop

    Thats one of the things I am trying to find out. I am putting a continental 065 in a minicoupe. I am guessing that I will have to measure from prop hub to the ground, less about ten inches? Somebody said about 56 inch but did not know the pitch. So I can see I have some digging to do.
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    Wanted Looking for a prop

    I am looking for a prop for 65hp continental
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    Inspectors or experienced builders

    Is there anyone in the northern Illinois area that is a inspector or someone who has building experience. I have a mini couple that is at the point of having to spend money on the motor. I would like a second opinion on the build quality. All aluminum construction
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    BRS - don't leave the ground without it

    If the money was not a factor, I would have one installed in any plane That I may ever own. That being said, I will never go parachuting. The idea of jumping out of a perfectly good plane is nuts. I know my training and trust myself, if the time comes I only need a football field opening to put...
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    When I ordered mine, recieved them via e-mail right away. they also have a redesign for the wing ribs that I downloaded off their site. plane looks so similar to several other planes. I don't know if or when I will build it but I would like to build it at some point. I don't know Dave or...
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    8 cylinder VW?

    Having race monster trucks for, well way to long befor getting into planes. I have spent a great deal of money and time trying to create something better out of something cheeper. I gotta say this is one of those times. If you could make it work, and you probably could, what do you gain. A motor...
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    New member from IN

    Wellcome There is a mini coupe group in yahoo. its not real active but the gentleman who has the prints for a mini checks it often. There are several minis that are flying today, several still being built, (mine was started 30 years ago) There are also or at least there were a couple of teenies...
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    New from Iowa

    You can find almost complete kits on barnstormers. I found a all metal single seat, it was a solid 80% done, I even got it with a vw that was in a flying plane. I am finishing it slowly, spending money on getting my private. I got this kit for less than 2 grand, and I will have it completed...
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    Now getting serious about moving forward with this idea.

    Welcome Go to your local airport, Take a intro flight. if you like it start taking lessons. you will never regret learning to fly.
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    Hart Aero be careful/ripoff

    I have owned my companies for 20 years in good times and bad, If a job is being paid for when job is completed then you can have delays. But when a job is paid in full at the start of the job, Delivery must be made on time. Thats the reason to pay up front. In my way of thinking, if you cannot...
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    More goverment snuper vision

    There was article on web today. FAA getting like 30 billion over next several years to upgrade and replace the WW2 era radar. This system is intended for commercial carriers over something like the next eight or ten years. Say they will be able to fly closer because of exact location...
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    Truly possible to build plane within $5-8k budget?

    I'm trying to get it done, I paid $1700 for a single place, all metal plane ( kit was about 85% built, its 30 years old but clean, I am the 4th owner.) Baught basic instu. and portable radio off B-bay, about $500. The plane came with a 1600 vw that was in a flying plane. I havn't decided...
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    Winter depression anyone?

    Guys, In the last 3 day I have spent 35 hours plowing snow ( 28 straight )on tuesday, plus working at my service co. So today I said screw it I am going flying, I race home and to the airport, they plowed the grass runway, its sunny , clear, and not to cold. My instructer had just landed, I was...
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    p-51 Mustang video

    very nice THANKS for posting it
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    You tell me???

    You could always make a vacation out of it. Take a week or ten days and go get 5 intence days of training. that could get you to 15 or 20 hours of seat time. your life is worth it.
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    owning an airplane

    Its sounds like the tower guys were having a good time as well.
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    New from Norther Illinois

    I am building a mini coupe. There is one little difference, only one rudder, so it will look pretty generic, not sure about open or closed cockpit yet. The plane is pretty much built, motor mount, engine, cockpit. but I need finish my private first, you or anybody wanting talk planes can call...
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    New from Norther Illinois

    Howdy Ron, I am in wonderLake IL, How far away are you.
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    Hmmel Bird Complete at last!

    Do what ever you can to keep your bird. Pull the wings, pickle the motor. Get ride of your hanger. What you will get for selling it just won't be enough to change your life. I have sold several toys over the years, to pay a bill or to keep the piece, and 3 months later I look and it made no...