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  1. dcarr

    10/23 Raptor Video

    I attached Ross's file above to this post...
  2. dcarr

    120 gallons of fuel, 1,400 lbs useful load? (680+ payload?)

    Piper Malibu? I think it ticks all the boxes except that it comes pre-assembled.
  3. dcarr

    10/23 Raptor Video

    Something interesting happens when you start looking at pressurized GA aircraft. Arguably certified pressurized aircraft are actually less expensive than experimental ones (especially if comparing like for like). Look at the Piper Malibu/Mirage, Cessna 340, Cessna P210, Cessna 421B--nice...
  4. dcarr

    VH-SRS 170 knot Sonerai II

    Agreed the trailer looks great!
  5. dcarr

    Presurization - Whats it take ?

    I think Heliano is onto something...
  6. dcarr

    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    We all know Peter has a lot of problems to overcome if he wants to succeed with the Raptor project, but... Building and flying any airplane is a incredibly difficult and rarified accomplishment (even if it doesn't fly very well). Let's take this one moment to tip our hat to Peter for doing it...
  7. dcarr

    Electric fuel pump

    FireMedic, I feel your pain on the boost pumps. I looked at a lot of options and finally came to the conclusion that it would be hard to beat the AFP pump from a cost/size/reliability perspective.
  8. dcarr

    Why not a Continental IO-360?

    Vans offered the IO-360 as an option for the RV-10 for a while. Customer interest was low vs. the IO-540, but the factory reports that it was a good engine. A positive recommendation from Vans would carry a lot of weight in my book.
  9. dcarr

    Interesting composites problem

    Lots of really great ideas here. Definitely hadn't considered just adding weight/damping material or the columns/"pillars" approach. The "ship in the bottle" analogy is spot on, but if those modelers do it, maybe I can too! Hope to not have to do the cut it off method, however the message is...
  10. dcarr

    Interesting composites problem

    Here is an interesting composites problem for the brain trust... I have a rectangular "shop made" large overhead console/air duct about 10-12" wide and ~3" deep running down the length of the ceiling of my plane (~6' long). The duct walls are 2-3 plies of 8oz E-glass with spanwise balsa/glass...
  11. dcarr

    Noise Reduction Insulation Techniques?!?!?

    These Sensorcon CO detectors are the real deal and not that expensive. Way better than a "house" CO detector: IMO no excuse to not have one if you're using exhaust heat. They might even help you catch an...
  12. dcarr

    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    It's hard to tell exactly how the new shuttle setup works in the video, but I think there are essentially three chambers inside the shuttle. The center chamber contains high pressure oil from the governor and that oil enters the prop shaft through radial holes in the shaft. I believe this...
  13. dcarr

    New two seater jet aircraft from Sonex

    This thing looks awesome. I always thought the first one was cool, but if you're going to spend that much on a toy you really need to be able to share the experience. It's more money than can be easily justified, but one day who knows?
  14. dcarr

    Keeping My Cool ...

    I really like this cooler as a basis for one of the ice "air conditioners": (Igloo Profile 30 Roller) It will hold 30lbs of ice which I find is just about right for an hour's worth of flying. Some of...
  15. dcarr

    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    That coupler weighs more than my entire 80" aluminum propeller!
  16. dcarr

    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    Here's what Peter has to say about the flexible coupling: ( A replacement for the broken Elpex has been found and ordered. It's a different product produced by Lord. Should be twice as strong and will slip instead of break if...
  17. dcarr

    How to make liquid tight fiberglass?

    All this is great stuff. Thanks everyone!
  18. dcarr

    How to make liquid tight fiberglass?

    Hi all, I'd like to make a custom shape ice cooler to really fit well in the baggage area. I was thinking I'd use 1" expanded styrofoam insulation with fiberglass on the inside/outside. Only catch is that I've never had to make a thin yet watertight glass layup before. I'd like to keep the...
  19. dcarr

    If you were in charge of Raptor...

    If you were in charge of Raptor and had to fly it 6 months from now, what would you change/test/do? Starter ideas: - Install 300hp IO-540 and new cowl - Flip aircraft and do sandbag load tests - Carefully review pushrods, bellcranks, and control system attach points - Remove any non-critical...
  20. dcarr

    Engine control forces?

    Does anyone have guidance from FAR 23 on how much force engine controls must be designed to handle? I can find numbers for stick/rudder forces but nothing on secondary controls like throttle, mixture, etc. Thanks, David